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Hours-of-Service (HOS)

Ensuring driver safety and achieving the highest compliance standards are high priorities for drivers and managers. HOS regulations help keep fatigued drivers off public roadways by placing limits on when and how long drivers should be on the road for. This reduces crashes, injuries, and fatalities related to operating commercial motor vehicles. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines, loss of license, or a fleet being stripped of its operating authority.
Hours of Service |
Garmin HOS Integration

Geotab Garmin HOS Integration

Through Geotab’s IOX expansion technology that connects to the GO6, you can add-on a Garmin dezl 560LMT or 760LMT device for driver dispatching and HOS compliance. Geotab has combined the power of MyGeotab with Garmin dezl HOS logging to help automate processes. Drivers log their HOS and status changes on the dezl device, which tracks driver activities and provides potential violation alerts. All HOS data from these devices is available through the MyGeotab interface in real-time.


  • Cut down on paperwork
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Minimize violations
  • Improve driver safety and efficiency
  • Deliver real-time access to information
  • Show up-to-date logbook information to law enforcement/DOT
  • Improve your CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that drive your HOS BASIC score
Garmin HOS Benefits

Integration Features

  • Truck routing
  • Driver e-logs
  • Road speed change alerts
  • Advanced sharp turn alerts
  • Stop light camera warnings
  • Recorded duty status changes
  • Drive and duty time audits
Garmin HOS Benefits
Compliance, Safety, Administration

Compliance, Safety, Administration (CSA)

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces highway safety regulations by storing all CSA incident data and making it available to the general public. Violations are tied to costly penalties that last for many years. Geotab’s technology helps organizations that operate heavy commercial vehicles improve their CSA BASIC’s score by:
  • Interactively coaching drivers to improve their on-road behavior
  • Minimizing driver fatigue
  • Improving vehicle maintenance: DVIR

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Businesses that operate heavy commercial vehicles between states must track all fuel expenses based on location and fuel type. Geotab removes the manual component of tracking each individual receipt and calculating the fuel tax amounts, helping management reduce time and improve accuracy.
International Fuel Tax Agreement
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