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Geotab provides the world’s most sophisticated GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations develop company-wide management policies to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.

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Many Fortune 500 companies and local organizations trust Geotab’s fleet management solutions for their daily business operations. Request a product demonstration to learn how Geotab’s solutions can help you achieve ROI.


As an advanced end-to-end hardware and software provider, Geotab offers a comprehensive resource library to show you how being connected with GPS fleet management solutions can bring more power to your business.

GPS Fleet Management

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Geotab provides powerful GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations better manage their fleet. With this revolutionary GPS fleet tracking hardware and software, the Geotab platform is the preferred resource management system for both American and international companies, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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Choosing the Right Telematics Solution

To choose a telematics solution, define your objectives, learn as much as you can about potential solutions, talk to providers, customers, and test solutions before you buy. Read these whitepapers to gain a better understanding of the various areas of telematics that should be considered before making your strategic management decision.

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Lessons in Fleet Management with Colin Sutherland
Cars and trucks have increased their sensors 100 fold, has the software for fleet management systems kept up? This session looks at how we are adding new services and features thanks to sophisticated fleet management software. +visit site
3G Technology

Geotab, The 1st Telematics
Provider To Make The Switch To 3G

With AT&T ending its second-generation 2G network by 2017 and switching to more advanced networks, all customers need to move their vehicle technologies to these new networks as well. Hugely committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and product longevity, Geotab was the 1st North American telematics provider to make the switch over to 3G. A recognized leader in fleet management technology, Geotab uses the latest technologies to provide a richer set of capabilities to monitor and improve vehicle and driver safety and productivity.

AT&T has started announcing 2G blackout areas - make the switch to 3G now by contacting your reseller or Geotab directly for more information.

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How Long Does Geotab Keep My Data?
1:35 PM - 01 JUN 2015
Advancing The Use of Technology in Telematics
Learn how telematics has changed because of technology’s influence and how it will continue to change in the future.
Globalizing Telematics
Globalizing any product for commercialization to the global scale has many unique challenges.
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