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GPS Fleet Tracking Device Install

Installing Your GO6 or GO7 Device

Installation has never been easier! Download the Geotab GO6 or GO7 Quick Installation Manual for a complete installation step-by-step guide. Visit the Hardware Documents page to find installation manuals on older devices.
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Choosing The Right Harness

The GO6 / GO7 device requires a simple plug-and-play installation. If you are not installing the device directly into the OBD port (i.e. in a heavy duty vehicle, require an extension, etc), you must ensure you have the correct harness. Please download the Harness Identification and Application document to review harness options.
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Install Verification

Once you have installed your Geotab GO6 device, you should verify that everything is working properly. Go to, fill out the field and submit the form to learn whether the installation was successful.
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