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Yearly Archives: 2015

Geotab in 2015 at a glance

  What an incredible year it has been! Best said by Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO, “The company experienced tremendous growth and success in 2015, thanks to the support of the Geotab Authorized Resellers, Partners, and end users.” Today, we have over 450,000 devices in operation, over 40,000 net new subscriptions, and this year we grew

Duty of Care for Fleet Managers

  Innovation is changing the whole transportation industry. Uber has disrupted the way we move in a city. Google and some OEMs are actively developing autonomous vehicles that will take us from one place to another without human interaction. Amazon has patented an algorithm that predicts which products are going to be requested, so delivery

Most Popular Geotab Blog Posts of 2015

Here is a compilation of the top ten Geotab blog posts of 2015, based on views and social shares. We send out a big thank you to the blog authors – our Geotab employees who work hard to bring you helpful tips and interesting news from the telematics industry. We hope you enjoy! A Look

Active Tracking: Keeping First Responders Safe

  An ambulance moves through traffic, lights flashing and siren sounding off. The dispatcher is on the line, collecting vital information, while monitoring the status of the ambulance at the same time. What if that dispatcher could follow the live movement of the ambulance as it drives along the road, knowing it was quickly and

Geotab Updates Preview (December 2015)

Rolling out soon, new updates to Geotab software applications and device software. Check your build number to verify whether the changes are reflected in your system by going to Administration/About. The build number shows the month of release, for example: 5.7.1512.xxx release/2015-12. Don’t miss out! Please subscribe to receive regular updates on Geotab features and

Geotab Datacenter Expands in 2015

A Year of Growth and Change As we near the end of 2015, it’s amazing to reflect on the incredible growth and change that has happened at Geotab this year. In particular, there have been some advancements at our Geotab Datacenter to further reinforce security and help us meet the needs of our growing base

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