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Monthly Archives: April 2017

How the Curve Algorithm for GPS Logging Works

Every single day your vehicle is generating gigabytes of data —  about speed, distance, oil temperature, pressure, and more. Every measurement of every sensor in the vehicle and what’s happening in the vehicle is being made available in real-time. The challenge for a telematics provider like us is how do we get the rich set

What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement — also known as IFTA — is a fuel tax collection and sharing agreement for the redistribution of fuel taxes paid by interstate commercial carriers. There are 58 member jurisdictions of IFTA, including 48 American states and 10 Canadian provinces. By requiring commercial carriers to pay fuel taxes proportionally, according

MyGeotab Updates April 2017: Cloud ELD and More

In this month’s edition — Read about enhancements for Geotab Drive and new functionality for the Geotab SDK, in addition to updates for Database, Reports, and the User Interface (UI). Resellers: Read this post for important changes affecting your customers. Please note any recommendation actions. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment

The Ultimate Guide to Geotab Harnesses

You need a telematics harness for your vehicle, but which one do you choose? We’ve posted this guide to Geotab harnesses to help you make the right choice. You’ll find information on the types of harnesses for the Geotab GO telematics device, details on the new Universal OBD II and Heavy-Duty T-Harness Kits, and links

Making the Jump: Switching ELD Providers

Making the jump from one provider to another is a complicated process and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once the decision to switch is made, it’s important to know the right questions to ask to reduce the pain and prevent surprises in the future. This blog is focused on ways that customers can ease

Securing the Future of Connected Mobility

Modern transportation and mobility without data has become unthinkable. While it may still appear as a novel concept to consumers, the “connected car” is advancing quickly. In fact, data-enabled commercial fleet management, leasing, and car rental operations have already been widely adopted. There are millions of connected vehicles in operation around the globe including the

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