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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Geotab Data Shows Impact of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to have devastating impact on the lives of Texans. The impact has been felt not only on a personal level by citizens all across the Houston area, but also economically through the thousands of businesses that simply cannot operate as they did just a few days before Harvey hit. There are Geotab

Your Guide to Hours of Service (U.S.)

In this guide to Hours of Service (HOS) for commercial vehicle drivers, you will find a basic introduction to Hours of Service rules in the United States, an overview of HOS rulesets and driving limits, and a glossary of important terms. Hours of Service Overview What Is Hours of Service (HOS)? Hours of Service (HOS)

VIN Number Lookup in MyGeotab

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — We have all seen it and in most cases not really thought very much about it. It’s a seemingly random string of 17 digits and for most of us, we only do a VIN number lookup right after we purchase a vehicle to make the appropriate registrations. Decoding the VIN

GPS Tracker Installation Guide

There are inherent risks with misuse of electronics and these are generally well known and communicated in product instructions and literature with an aim to prevent accidents. Many user warning labels of products include warnings like: “improper use may lead to serious injury….” along with instructions stating the do’s and don’ts. GPS tracker installation is

What is OBD II? History of On-Board Diagnostics

You may have seen OBD or OBD II mentioned when reading about connected vehicles and the Geotab GO device. Read this post for an overview of OBD II and a timeline of developments. What Is an On-Board Diagnostics System (OBD)? OBD is an abbreviation of On-Board Diagnostics and refers to the automotive electronic system that

Smartphone ELDs: The Future of Trucking but Beware

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. It’s funny to look back now on the 2007 exchange between then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and David Lieberman of USA Today, where Ballmer infamously stated: “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item.” Fast-forward

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