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Monthly Archives: March 2018

What to Do During an ELD Roadside Inspection

As of April 1, 2018, full enforcement begins for the ELD Mandate. Carriers and drivers will be expected to fully comply with U.S. electronic logging regulations. Please read this post for important information on ELD roadside inspection procedures with Geotab Cloud ELD. How to Present HOS Logs at Roadside Inspections When a commercial vehicle driver

What to Do with AdBlue?

Everyday, Geotab is hearing from more and more fleet managers who are looking for ways to better manage their diesel fleet’s AdBlue — and for good reason. Used by fleets to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and comply with EU vehicle emissions standards, AdBlue requires special management. This blog describes some common use cases

No One Owns (Car) Data

Lothar Determann’s research paper “No One Owns Data” follows on the heels of his earlier (co-authored) seminal piece “Open Cars” and is a must read for anyone who is involved with IoT in general and connected cars & mobility in particular. Determann’s analysis and perspective are extremely topical at a time where the imminent arrival

Finding Patterns in Collision Data

Telematics makes for a great business tool by being able to identify single safety events, such as a driver speeding or not wearing a seatbelt. All this helps fleets to train and work with drivers on reducing safety risks. But telematics can bring even more to the table by helping unfold a larger view on

A Quick History of Vehicle Cybersecurity

Since 1996, it has been legislated in North America that vehicles have an OBD II (J1962) port. Its regulated use was for emissions testing, so a standard was created to allow data to be viewed in a designated format. The OBD II standard data received through the diagnostic port allowed mechanics in mom and pop

ELD Tips for Drivers: Going from Paper Logs to Electronic

With the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate in full swing, many truck drivers are just now getting used to a new routine involving electronic logs. Drivers will find that some scenarios play out very differently in the ELD world compared to the old days of paper logs. If this is you, here are some ELD

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