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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Causes of Aggressive Driving and How to Solve It

As a fleet telematics company that promotes safety and compliance for all of our customers, Geotab helps companies identify aggressive driving and correct the risky behavior, allowing them to increase the safety of their employees while reducing cost and risk within the company. By tracking parameters such as speeding, harsh cornering, and harsh acceleration —

Columbus Smart City Hackathon Recap

As announced last week in this blog post, Geotab was selected by the City of Columbus to integrate its smart city insights datasets into their Smart Columbus Operating System (SCOS). As part of this integration, this past weekend I was privileged to participate in the Columbus Smart City Hackathon, and what a treat it was.

6 Steps for Data Cleaning and Why it Matters

So you’re working with data to measure and optimize your fleet program. Have you also added data cleaning to your routine? Here is a quick overview to get you started. No matter the type of data — telematics or otherwise — data quality is important. Old and inaccurate data can have an impact on results.

Privacy Mode: Geotab’s Telematics Privacy Feature

Despite the many benefits of vehicle tracking, some drivers are still wary of telematics. There are many ways employers can overcome these objections, from debunking common telematics myths, to explaining the importance for driver safety and other areas of business operations. A telematics privacy feature can be an additional incentive in companies whose employees use

Smart Columbus Operating System Paves the Way

When it comes to smart city, the City of Columbus is both a pioneer and visionary. The state capital of Ohio, which is home to over 2 million people and growing, won the $40 million U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Smart City Challenge in 2016 and is on track to become the first smart city

Hot Topics in the Fleet Industry 2018

GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 is a great opportunity to talk about what’s happening in the fleet industry and look ahead to what’s next. Here are some of the hot topics in fleet news right now, which are sure to undergo discussion at the event. Mobility Gets Smarter and Cleaner Connected mobility solutions are beginning to drastically

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