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Dealing with Information Overload in Telematics (9 Strategies)

Here’s the problem: You have tons of data and you don’t know what to do with it. Dealing with information overload is a common concern for many managers. This article provides nine tips for coping and making the most of your telematics data. Do You Have Data Overload? Also called “drinking from the fire hose,”

What Is Telematics?

TELEMATICS is a method of monitoring an asset (car, truck, heavy equipment, or even ship) by using GPS and onboard diagnostics to record movements on a computerized map. Learn the answer to “What is telematics?” and read how it’s used in this blog post. What Is Telematics? Technical Overview Imagine a highly intelligent computer in

Telematics Glossary: 60+ Terms to Know

Get up to speed fast on telematics with this ultimate telematics glossary of important terminology from accelerometer all the way to zones. Whether you are new to the field or mastering advanced integration, bookmark this post as a handy reference for everything you need to know about telematics. 2 2G Network Shutdown Major cellular network

Big Data Use Cases for Telematics

When speaking of big data in fleet management, the first topic that will come to our mind is telematics. The foundation of telematics is the technology of collecting, storing, sending information between end users and vehicles through telecommunication devices. Big data use cases in telematics extends the usefulness of that data. Without the platform of

Using Big Data for Road Safety: A Safety Analysis Based on Geotab Telematics Data

This is a special research report: Jorge Gonzalez conducted a big data analysis to investigate driving behaviour near accident black spots in Spain, using Geotab telematics data. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world lose their lives in car accidents and road disasters every year. More than one thousand of those accidents happen on

Connected Cars Detect Mexico Earthquake

Mexico City and surrounding areas underwent a significant earthquake registering 7.1 on the Richter scale on September 19 at around 1:15 PM CT. As hurricanes have swept through the Caribbean and southern U.S. in the last few weeks, this was yet another natural disaster that left a mark on 2017. With more than 25,000 Geotab

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