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Category Archives: Big Data

Get excited for Geotab Connect 2020!

Geotab Connect 2020 has been announced! See what’s coming up in the biggest telematics conference we’ve ever held.

Data normalization and why it matters

How do you take information from cars, trucks, buses, of many different makes and models from all around the world and present it in a format that is easy to work with? Enter a little discussed, yet important part of telematics, called data normalization. This post takes you behind the scenes to explore this fascinating

Geotab Data Bootcamp recap 2019

A recap of the first ever Geotab Data Bootcamp 2019 — data science and AI training for fleet and connected vehicle professionals.

3 Best practices for an effective dashboard design

A great dashboard can help enhance the productivity of your business. Learn 3 quick tips for an effective dashboard design.

Google Cloud Next 2019 recap: Connected vehicles as air quality sensors

View Mike Branch’s presentation from Google Cloud Next ‘19 where he discusses how air pollution can be solved with high-quality data.

Find success with IoT fleet management

Learn more about IoT fleet management and how it can help your business succeed.

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