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Geotab Data Shows Massive Increase in Fleet Activity as Florida Prepares for Hurricane Irma

The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has truly spurred the state of Florida into action. While Harvey departs, Hurricane Irma, already dubbed the most powerful Hurricane in the Atlantic, has left a trail of damage in the Caribbean and poses one of the most severe meteorological threats to Florida in its history. To help present

Geotab Data Shows Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Driving and Commercial Fleet Activity

Hurricane Harvey continues to have devastating impact on the lives of Texans. The impact has been felt not only on a personal level by citizens all across the Houston area, but also economically through the thousands of businesses that simply cannot operate as they did just a few days before Harvey hit. There are Geotab

Truck Parking Shortage Reaches Critical Status for Carriers and Drivers

A leading cause of truck driver stress is trying to find available parking, according to the ATA. As the lack of truck parking gets worse, drivers are having to start their search for parking earlier and earlier in the day. The issue is causing a major strain on driver health and fleet productivity. Federal Hours

Do You Have a Big Data Graveyard?

Companies have a lot of data. They are collecting it in massive quantities… petabyte by petabyte. To put that into perspective, 1 petabyte = 1 million gigabytes (GB) or 13.3 years of HDTV video or over 58,000 movies. All this data gets stored in these massive server farms or in the cloud. And there it

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn by providing them with lots of examples. Once this phase ends, the program can answer questions about data it has never seen before. In the past, “machine learning” was the domain of specialized research groups, but now it has risen greatly in

How Crowdsourcing Tools Are Building More Powerful Maps

Crowdsourcing is a great tool for improving the accuracy and quality of maps. In this post, we’ll look at what crowdsourcing is, where the data comes from, and how your fleet benefits from this movement. As we know, the accuracy of maps and fleet management data is an essential need for businesses trying to optimize

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