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Google Cloud Next 2019 recap: Connected vehicles as air quality sensors

View Mike Branch’s presentation from Google Cloud Next ‘19 where he discusses how air pollution can be solved with high-quality data.

Find success with IoT fleet management

Learn more about IoT fleet management and how it can help your business succeed.

Polar vortex halts fleet activity in U.S.

The polar vortex brought record-breaking temperatures to Chicago on Wednesday, with air temperature dropping down as low as minus 23 F, and down to minus 49 F with the windchill in some areas. These frigid temperatures are a significant safety concern for pedestrians and drivers alike as frostbite can happen in just a few minutes

Don’t make these big data mistakes

The key to big data isn’t the amount of data that you have, but what you do with it. If you have joined the big data revolution, make sure you avoid these top big data mistakes. What is big data? What do we mean by “big data?” Big data refers to the large volume of

How Detroit Built the World’s Smartest Intersection

Detroit is embracing the smart city vision. The city has teamed up with Miovision to create one of the first V2I-based traffic management systems in the U.S., called the “World’s Smartest Intersection.” The hardware and software solution is based on open architecture and artificial intelligence (AI). The forward-thinking pilot project will boost efficiency and safety

Monitoring Road Icing with Hyper-Local Temperature Mapping

Bridges often drop in temperature faster than other roadways, due to their exposed upper and lower surface. The temperature change can potentially lead to dangerous ice formation on the road surface when precipitation is present — surprising drivers and creating the risk of collisions. On days with rapid changes in inclement weather, or days where

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