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Category Archives: Connected Vehicles

Electric trucks: the next generation of logistic solutions

Electric trucks are on the rise in Europe and are set to play a big part in helping EU nations reach sustainability targets.

Google Cloud Next 2019 recap: Connected vehicles as air quality sensors

View Mike Branch’s presentation from Google Cloud Next ‘19 where he discusses how air pollution can be solved with high-quality data.

Geotab brings innovation and insight to the UK Commercial Vehicle Show

We are excited to announce the availability of GeoTach by Evestel on the Geotab Marketplace at the Commercial Vehicle show.

The impact of vehicle data on corporate car sharing

Car sharing schemes are becoming a growing trend. Find out how vehicle data and car sharing can be used to cut costs.

Why China is leading the world in electric vehicle sales

The electric vehicle market is continuing to rapidly grow. Learn how China is leading the way, making up for half of the EV sales worldwide.

NYC Vision Zero paves the way to safer streets

The NYC Vision Zero action plan is an example of safety leadership and putting people first. New York City is aiming to become the “world’s safest big city.” Efforts have already made significant improvements. In the Vision Zero Year Four update, New York City reported a 28 percent reduction in traffic fatalities and 45 percent

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