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A first look at the Geotab GO9

The new Geotab GO device has arrived. Geotab has officially launched the Geotab GO9, a next generation fleet tracking device. What is Geotab GO9? Boby Multani, one of Geotab’s Product Owners, provides a walkthrough of the new features and explains why it’s the must-have IoT device for GPS fleet tracking. What’s new in the Geotab

Why weather is a problem for autonomous vehicle safety

Even with the ongoing breakthroughs in automotive, a big hurdle that remains to be conquered is driving safely in inclement weather. Driving in less than ideal conditions decreases on-road visibility, leaving your fleet vulnerable to potential accidents. In this article, we explore the issue of autonomous vehicle safety and weather. Though the future of autonomous

Polar vortex halts fleet activity in U.S.

The polar vortex brought record-breaking temperatures to Chicago on Wednesday, with air temperature dropping down as low as minus 23 F, and down to minus 49 F with the windchill in some areas. These frigid temperatures are a significant safety concern for pedestrians and drivers alike as frostbite can happen in just a few minutes

Put Telematics to Work in Off-Road Vehicles

The popularity of telematics for on-road fleet vehicles is growing, but the off-road applications are numerous as well. Developments in satellite and cell communications allow telematics devices to work even on vehicles in the middle of nowhere. This increased connectivity makes the benefits of fleet tracking more accessible to off-road fleets than ever before. Companies

The New Rent-A-Car: Changes in the Rental Car Industry

A new mobility paradigm is just beginning. City dwellers have innumerable choices of transportation — car sharing, ride hailing, scooters, bikes and others. Some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) state that they are not car manufacturers anymore but mobility solution providers. This changing scenario represents a unique opportunity for businesses in the rental car industry to

How Detroit Built the World’s Smartest Intersection

Detroit is embracing the smart city vision. The city has teamed up with Miovision to create one of the first V2I-based traffic management systems in the U.S., called the “World’s Smartest Intersection.” The hardware and software solution is based on open architecture and artificial intelligence (AI). The forward-thinking pilot project will boost efficiency and safety

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