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Big Data Glossary: 50+ Terms Defined

What exactly is big data? And what about clustering or Hadoop? Our big data glossary will help you navigate the world of big data by walking you through key terms and definitions, from the basic to the advanced. A ACID ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. These properties are guaranteed by a transactional

Everything You Need to Know About data.geotab.com

Each day, all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of connected vehicles driving — gathering critical details on road condition, driving patterns, and even weather. How can smart cities and businesses connect with this intelligence? Geotab has made these insights available on a new website. Read this post for a quick intro to

Featured Fleet Technology Trends 2018

Fleet technology innovation was on display at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018. Here are 10 featured fleet tech trends from the ProPlus and Pro sponsored Marketplace Partners who exhibited at CONNECT. Truck Navigation As regulations for phone use while driving get stricter, apps that “speak” and work hands-free are becoming more popular. CoPilot Truck by ALK, is


The fleet world gathered June 11-13 in sunny Toronto, Ontario for GEOTAB CONNECT 2018. Here is a recap of the keynote presentations and sessions on Day 1 and 2. This blog post was put together with the help of Maria Sotra, Ella Socol, Pilar Cervigon, and Lauren Jinkerson. Day 1 Recap After an exciting kick

Geotab Announces Winners of Data Challenge

Geotab called out to our Customers, Partners, and the general public, residing in the U.S. and Canada, to leverage the connected vehicle data on data.geotab.com in the first Geotab Data Challenge. This challenge invited participants to come up with the most creative and innovative ways to incorporate the datasets available on data.geotab.com in combination with

Columbus Smart City Hackathon Showcases Talent, Data and Passion

As announced last week in this blog post, Geotab was selected by the City of Columbus to integrate its smart city insights datasets into their Smart Columbus Operating System (SCOS). As part of this integration, this past weekend I was privileged to participate in the Columbus Smart City Hackathon, and what a treat it was.

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