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M2M LTE: Your Questions Answered

LTE has been around for a while now, and comes in many flavours, called “Categories.” The primary advantage of LTE technology over 2G and 3G technologies is generally faster data speed. Due to M2M (machine-to-machine) requirements, LTE has different user equipment categories, e.g. Category 0, Category 1, Category M, etc.) specifically catering for M2M bandwidths,

Get to Know Connected Vehicle Technology: V2V, V2X, V2I

The past decade really has been a game changer for the automotive industry. It all started with electric vehicles being commercialized and sold to the masses. As gas prices continue to rise and environmental concerns rise in popularity, major car manufacturers started looking at electric motors. Now, smart city technology has opened up another of

Guide to Geotab IOX Add-Ons

If you are looking for a way to get more from your telematics, IOX expanders are a great option. Through Geotab IOX® Add-Ons, businesses can extend their fleet tracking capabilities and get more value from their telematics solution. What Is IOX Expansion? IOX Expansion Technology makes it possible to connect additional hardware to the Geotab

Validating Data on the Geotab GO Device

As part of the regular operation of Geotab’s GO device, it has to handle a vast amount of different input information from an array of different sources. Different engine computers and third-party Add-Ons that interface with the device all supply a steady stream of data that needs processing. However, the vast majority of data sampled

Uber Driver Tracking and Telematics

The ride-sharing service Uber has always focused on riding the cutting edge of technology to stay ahead of its incumbent predecessors and competition. Uber driver tracking GPS on drivers’ phones is proof of the value of measuring driver performance for businesses. See Also: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Mobility Industry How Uber is

What Is Telematics?

TELEMATICS is a method of monitoring an asset (car, truck, heavy equipment, or even ship) by using GPS and onboard diagnostics to record movements on a computerized map. Learn the answer to “What is telematics?” and read how it’s used in this blog post. What Is Telematics? Technical Overview Imagine a highly intelligent computer in

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