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How Automotive IoT Is Disrupting the Leasing and Car Rental Industries

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is simple: objects are connected to the Internet so they can send information from sensors or receive commands to perform certain actions. IoT devices, or connected things, make it possible to collect the big data that leads to better insight into business systems. Gartner predicts that there

Small and Medium Business Case Studies on Telematics ROI

Since Telefónica began selling our Geotab solutions in Spain, several small and medium business customers started using the Geotab fleet management system with positive results. In this post, we describe two case studies that illustrate how small and medium businesses are using telematics to save money and increase productivity. Vehicle telematics is relatively new to

Telefonica Launches New Digital Transformation Bus

Telefonica’s digital transformation bus toured Spain, demonstrating the latest innovations in sustainable technology for business. Digital transformation is changing the way our cities look and function, and now it’s changing businesses too. Companies that embrace digital technology and digitalization will gain a competitive advantage. Digitalization and Big Data Digitalization is the process of collecting and

EU Road Safety: Saving Lives With Smart Tech

Almost 70 people a day are dying on European roads and up to five times as many are seriously injured, according to the latest figures published by the European Commission (EC). These fatalities cause misery and heartbreak for many families and negatively impact the economy. The report on EU road safety reveals that Sweden, the

Big Data and the Smart Fleet Revolution

The smart fleet movement is happening now. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly, and this includes increasing connectivity in the automotive realm. Secure, open platforms make it possible to collect big data from a myriad of sensors, supporting the development of smart buildings, transportation infrastructure, communication networks, and now smart fleets. More and

Duty of Care for Fleet Managers

  Innovation is changing the whole transportation industry. Uber has disrupted the way we move in a city. Google and some OEMs are actively developing autonomous vehicles that will take us from one place to another without human interaction. Amazon has patented an algorithm that predicts which products are going to be requested, so delivery

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