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Category Archives: Europe

Electric vehicle adoption in the UK: Why make the transition?

Explore the advantages and barriers of making the transition to electric vehicles.

Mobile AirQuality Measurement project studies hyper-local air quality in Aachen with IoT

Air pollution poses a serious health risk in Europe. Read about air quality and learn what the Mobile AirQuality Measurement project is doing.

Connected Fleets Conference overview: top industry trends

The top takeaways from Fleet Europe’s Connected Vehicle Conference. Read to learn more.

Electric trucks: the next generation of logistic solutions

Electric trucks are on the rise in Europe and are set to play a big part in helping EU nations reach sustainability targets.

Innovation and insight at the UK Commercial Vehicle Show

We are excited to announce the availability of GeoTach by Evestel on the Geotab Marketplace at the Commercial Vehicle show.

Keep residual value high with telematics

Learn how to maximize your fleet’s residual value with the help of telematics.

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