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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Mobility Industry

It is clear and well accepted that artificial intelligence (AI) will change our lives, but uncertain about when this will happen. Leveraging these technologies will allow companies as individuals to do more tasks with less efforts, automating complex processes. This article explores the impact of artificial intelligence on the mobility industry. What Is Artificial Intelligence

How Autonomous Trucks Will Change the Trucking Industry

Self-driving cars get a lot of attention. However, the advances happening in autonomous trucks are just as significant. In fact, self-driving trucks are at the forefront of the technology with research getting applied in ways that could improve productivity throughout the entire industry, and lessen traffic congestion near and around ports and major distribution areas.

Using Big Data for Road Safety: A Safety Analysis Based on Geotab Telematics Data

This is a special research report: Jorge Gonzalez conducted a big data analysis to investigate driving behaviour near accident black spots in Spain, using Geotab telematics data. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world lose their lives in car accidents and road disasters every year. More than one thousand of those accidents happen on

Green Fleets Help Fight the War Against Air Pollution

The deadly effects of air pollution have been demonstrated by various studies. As a result, numerous governments have invested in smart mobility and smart city projects with the aim of protecting the health of their citizens. Green and pedestrian zones, bikeways and green mobility alternatives are the most popular government reforms as of now. With

Automotive IoT Is Disrupting the Car Rental Industry

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is simple: objects are connected to the Internet so they can send information from sensors or receive commands to perform certain actions. IoT devices, or connected things, make it possible to collect the big data that leads to better insight into business systems. Gartner predicts that there

Small and Medium Business Case Studies on Telematics ROI

Since Telefónica began selling our Geotab solutions in Spain, several small and medium business customers started using the Geotab fleet management system with positive results. In this post, we describe two case studies that illustrate how small and medium businesses are using telematics to save money and increase productivity. Vehicle telematics is relatively new to

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