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What Is Mobility as a Service?

By 2030, less than one-quarter of Americans will own a car. Self-driving cars are rolling out, car sharing is gaining acceptance and people are looking for greener options. What does the future of transportation look like? The answer lies in the concept of Mobility as a Service. What Is Mobility As a Service (MaaS)? Mobility

Urban Traffic Congestion: New Laws and How to Prepare

Can you remember the last time you were stuck in traffic? It probably wasn’t that long ago, was it? Rising traffic congestion has become a major challenge in urban areas. Countless hours spent sitting in a long line of vehicles while getting to work, to the mall, anywhere… Traffic also places a great burden on

The Diesel Decline and What it Means for Fleet Managers

Back in the 1990s, governments across Europe fell in love with diesel. The 1997 UN Kyoto Protocol committed the EU to reducing emissions and global warming. Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol counterparts and release fewer CO2 emissions. Diesel fuel was marketed as a cheap, fast and effective way of reducing the pollution that

3 Takeaways from Global Fleet Management Trends

With researchers citing that the global IoT fleet management market is expected to grow by almost $17 billion in the next seven years, it’s safe to say that telematics has gone global. And by global, we do mean every part of the world including remote and harsh locations such as Antarctica. Geotab announced its first

Improving Road Safety with Technology Innovation

The automobile has been around for little more than a century and during this period, it has gone through an extraordinary evolution, driven by constant technological innovations. However, other aspects of transportation, extravehicular safety, signage, and traffic control infrastructure have seen a much slower pace of development. Some of the technology on and around roads

New Changes to the Geotab End User Agreement

Geotab is pleased to release a revised and refreshed version of our End User Agreement (EUA), effective as of May 21, 2018. These are the first changes to the Geotab EUA since June 1, 2016. The Geotab EUA covers the Geotab firmware on each GO Device as well as the MyGeotab software-as-a-service platform. The Geotab

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