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Pro tips for using MyGeotab groups and sub-groups

Learn how to optimize your business and increase overall efficiency using MyGeotab groups and sub-groups.

Tour the new Geotab GO9 features

The new Geotab GO9 is power-packed with hardware innovations. Read more about the device upgrades.

7 reasons to choose the Geotab ProPlus fleet software plan

What is the Geotab ProPlus fleet software plan? Read about the top 7 benefits of ProPlus and learn how to activate or upgrade your telematics account.

A first look at the Geotab GO9

The new Geotab GO device has arrived. Geotab has officially launched the Geotab GO9, a next generation fleet tracking device. What is Geotab GO9? Boby Multani, one of Geotab’s Product Owners, provides a walkthrough of the new features and explains why it’s the must-have IoT device for GPS fleet tracking. What’s new in the Geotab

Telematics and fleet safety in Latin America — webinar recap

Fleet safety is a top concern for multinational businesses entering Latin America. Geotab’s aggregated data can help improve fleet safety, poor road conditions and more.

Carmakers and Telematics: IoT Inside the Factory

When talking about fleet management solutions, many think first about telematics devices for commercial heavy goods vehicles, large goods vehicles (LGVs) and cars. However, telematics can be very useful even before the vehicle is even delivered to end users — during its production stages in the factory. Read about carmakers and telematics and how data

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