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What is a truck tracker?

GPS tracking technology is gaining traction among carriers and owner-operators. Besides the safety and cost-savings benefits, electronic logging laws in the U.S. and Canada have made the truck tracker an essential part of fleet management operations.   What is a truck tracker? A truck tracker is an IoT device that allows a fleet to monitor the

How to track off-road fleet equipment

Many companies face challenges integrating and managing their data assets. When you’re a fleet with mixed equipment and vehicles, it can be even more complex. Using a telematics platform that supports both over-the-road trucks and off-road equipment together makes the process easier.  Selecting the best telematics device for off-road applications Choosing the right device for

Every second counts: Active Tracking for first responders

What is Active Tracking and how does it benefit emergency vehicle fleets? Read to learn more.

A Look at the Geotab GO Device: Past, present, and future

Geotab’s GO device is an expandable telematics device. Initial production of the Geotab GO1 device began in 1997. Since then, Geotab has continued to modify and enhance various aspects of the device, and has most recently released the GO9 model.  Geotab, named the #1 Telematics Provider by ABI Research and having a presence in all

Taking telematics to the next level: advanced fleet tracking

Learn how advanced fleet tracking can help fleet managers achieve better results and improve driver safety.

Data normalization and why it matters

How do you take information from cars, trucks, buses, of many different makes and models from all around the world and present it in a format that is easy to work with? Enter a little discussed, yet important part of telematics, called data normalization. This post takes you behind the scenes to explore this fascinating

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