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3 Ways to Save Money with Fleet Safety Management

Nothing is more important than the safety of your fleet. But did you know that running a safe fleet can also save you money? Ensuring that your drivers follow company policies, obey the laws, and avoid idling can drive productivity and maximize profit. Here are at least three areas of fleet safety management that impact

Truck Driver Retention Strategies: How Telematics Can Help

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), one of the top ten critical issues facing the commercial trucking industry is driver retention. Keeping drivers on board is necessary to stop the churn of solid, reliable drivers moving from one fleet to another – or even worse, leaving the industry all together. When looking at

NFC Driver ID Technology: How to Use and Install

Do you know who is driving? Driver ID — associating drivers with vehicles — is an important tool when it comes to managing your fleet. But the most basic form of telematics tracks data by vehicle, not by driver. In some fleets, drivers may switch vehicles, use multiple vehicles, or have multiple drivers using a

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment: Security & Productivity

The development and infrastructure in many countries is advancing at such an incredible rate that it can often catch you by surprise. The neighbourhoods or areas you frequent may have changed dramatically in recent years. You may find yourself wondering: Since when have these houses been here? How did they build that skyscraper so quickly?

Finding Patterns in Accident Data

Telematics makes for a great business tool by being able to identify single safety events, such as a driver speeding or not wearing a seatbelt. All this helps fleets to train and work with drivers on reducing safety risks. But telematics can bring even more to the table by helping unfold a larger view on

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Geotab ProPlus

Fleets using the Geotab open platform for fleet management have a choice of four different rate plans: Base, HOS, Pro, and ProPlus. This article focuses on Geotab ProPlus and the plan’s benefits. What Is Geotab ProPlus? ProPlus is a Geotab rate plan that offers the greatest functionality and supports the higher data usage of several

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