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Safety and Sustainability Take the Lead in Latin American Fleets

Fleet management in Latin America is evolving, as in other parts of the world, and new priorities are emerging. Fleet safety and sustainability are finally taking the driver’s seat. This is an overview of what’s happening in the region. Raising the Bar on Road Safety in Latin America Deadly statistics on road collisions highlight the

Urban Traffic Congestion: New Laws and How to Prepare

Can you remember the last time you were stuck in traffic? It probably wasn’t that long ago, was it? Rising traffic congestion has become a major challenge in urban areas. Countless hours spent sitting in a long line of vehicles while getting to work, to the mall, anywhere… Traffic also places a great burden on

Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada Skyrocket in Second Quarter of 2018

It seems like “Who killed the electric car?” is no longer a relevant question now that global electric vehicle (EV) sales are booming. Bloomberg reports a “surging demand” with a 77% increase in EV sales worldwide over the previous year. A new update by FleetCarma, a clean-tech information and technology company, also a Geotab company,

The Diesel Decline and What it Means for Fleet Managers

Back in the 1990s, governments across Europe fell in love with diesel. The 1997 UN Kyoto Protocol committed the EU to reducing emissions and global warming. Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol counterparts and release fewer CO2 emissions. Diesel fuel was marketed as a cheap, fast and effective way of reducing the pollution that

Electrifying Stuff: Supercapacitors and the Electrification of Vehicles

Vehicle electrification is becoming more common as engineers strive to keep improving fuel efficiency. In general, IEEE describes “electrification” as the increasing use or percentage of electrical systems in the design of a vehicle. The levels of electrification range from mild hybrid vehicles, which incorporate some electrification such as an electric motor that assists with

Driving a Plug-in Hybrid with Telematics: An Engineer’s Story

I have been driving a Chevrolet Volt for about a year. First things first, the Volt is not an electric vehicle (EV), it is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). This means it works as an EV while the battery is charged and as a hybrid once the battery is depleted. The Volt is unique

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