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Green Fleets Help Fight the War Against Air Pollution

The deadly effects of air pollution have been demonstrated by various studies. As a result, numerous governments have invested in smart mobility and smart city projects with the aim of protecting the health of their citizens. Green and pedestrian zones, bikeways and green mobility alternatives are the most popular government reforms as of now. With

Drivers Show How Technology Impacts Fuel Efficiency

The roadshow has begun! A fleet of Class 8 trucks are off and running for the Run on Less cross-country roadshow to raise awareness about fuel efficiency best practices in long-haul trucking. There are exciting innovations happening in the trucking industry and particularly in the area of fuel economy. New engine and drivetrain technology, low

Why Converting to a Paperless Office Is Good for Business

Employers are continuously searching for innovative ways to transform office spaces into environments that encourage productivity, collaboration and growth. A paperless office is a worthwhile investment to boost efficiency and reduce your environmental impact, not to mention your chance of getting a papercut is significantly less. Read about the benefits of going paperless and see

What Is the Geotab Marketplace? [Updated]

The Geotab Marketplace is the ultimate online solutions center for fleet management. From in-vehicle cameras and Bluetooth asset tracking, to apps for managing maintenance and fuel tracking, you can find a wide range of solutions for your business, all integrated with Geotab’s open telematics platform. Now Live — The Enhanced Geotab Marketplace Website We are

Is Idling Costing Your Business Money?

When vehicles in your fleet are idling, it may be costing your business money. Many Geotab customers are shocked to find out how much time their fleet spends idling during the day, and once they convert that time to fuel burned, the idling cost can really pile up. What Is the Cost of Idling? An

Telefonica Launches New Digital Transformation Bus

Telefonica’s digital transformation bus toured Spain, demonstrating the latest innovations in sustainable technology for business. Digital transformation is changing the way our cities look and function, and now it’s changing businesses too. Companies that embrace digital technology and digitalization will gain a competitive advantage. Digitalization and Big Data Digitalization is the process of collecting and

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