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Majority of U.K. fleets plan to go electric before 2030

After recently hosting our first Mobility Connect event in Barcelona, it is clear that the future of mobility will be connected and electric – with good reason. Not only are CO2 levels rising at a staggering pace, but the global dependence on fossil fuels continues to be a significant issue within the telematics and fleet

Electrify Your Fleet: Q&A with the Expert

Should your fleet be electric, hybrid, or gas? How do you know your solution will be expensive or cost-effective? It sometimes feels like there are more questions than answers when it comes to fleet electrification. Matt Stevens, CEO of FleetCarma, answers the top questions on how to electrify your fleet. Below, he covers the basics

What Is Mobility as a Service?

By 2030, less than one-quarter of Americans will own a car. Self-driving cars are rolling out, car sharing is gaining acceptance and people are looking for greener options. What does the future of transportation look like? The answer lies in the concept of Mobility as a Service. What Is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)? Mobility

Are Heavy-Duty Trucks the Key to Solving Air Pollution?

For decades, the trucking industry has been working along with public and private partners to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency. In 2017, the Run on Less cross-country roadshow showed how fleets can save fuel and emissions by employing technology, plus driving and maintenance best practices. New research shows that heavy trucks may indeed be

How Diesel Exhaust Fluid Works

Read a quick summary of how diesel exhaust fluid works and the chemistry behind it.   What Is the Purpose of Diesel Exhaust Fluid? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for Medium and Heavy-Duty vehicles. The EU and Canada also have their own limits. For the

Fleet Safety and Sustainability in Latin America

Fleet management in Latin America is evolving, as in other parts of the world, and new priorities are emerging. Fleet safety and sustainability are finally taking the driver’s seat. This is an overview of what’s happening in the region. Raising the Bar on Road Safety in Latin America Deadly statistics on road collisions highlight the

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