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What to Do with AdBlue?

Everyday, Geotab is hearing from more and more fleet managers who are looking for ways to better manage their diesel fleet’s AdBlue — and for good reason. Used by fleets to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and comply with EU vehicle emissions standards, AdBlue requires special management. This blog describes some common use cases

Geotab Wins GreenFleet Award for IT Innovation

Geotab is delighted to have been named the winner of the GreenFleet award in the IT Innovation category for advancement in fleet technology. The GreenFleet Awards recognize organizations that have successfully adopted low emission vehicles and innovative fuel saving solutions, along with manufacturers and innovators of low carbon technologies. Impressed with the Geotab GO telematics

Telematics Glossary: 60+ Terms to Know

Get up to speed fast on telematics with this ultimate telematics glossary of important terminology from accelerometer all the way to zones. Whether you are new to the field or mastering advanced integration, bookmark this post as a handy reference for everything you need to know about telematics. 2 2G Network Shutdown Major cellular network

Vanpooling: Commuting Smart and Stress-Free

In today’s age, there is a constant search for efficient, sustainable and comfortable transportation methods. Some cities, such as Toronto, have various modes of transportation from trains to buses and bicycles for residents. Others, like Las Vegas, rely heavily on the use of personal cars due to a low population density. One new trend in

Run on Less: Drivers Show How Technology Impacts Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficient trucking — is it possible? Based on the results from the Run on Less roadshow, the answer is “Yes.” Read this article to learn how a team of truck drivers proved that fuel efficiency is achievable. The State of Fuel Economy in Trucking When it comes to fuel economy in the trucking industry,

Green Fleets Help Fight the War Against Air Pollution

The deadly effects of air pollution have been demonstrated by various studies. As a result, numerous governments have invested in smart mobility and smart city projects with the aim of protecting the health of their citizens. Green and pedestrian zones, bikeways and green mobility alternatives are the most popular government reforms as of now. With

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