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Category Archives: Green Fleet

Cities driving to 100% renewable energy

Learn what cities worldwide are pledging to institute clean air solutions to solve problems, to better lives, and to bring us to the future.

A simple guide to EV charging

A guide to electric vehicle charging, terms, the cost and common mistakes to avoid.

Electric vehicle adoption in the UK: Why make the transition?

Explore the advantages and barriers of making the transition to electric vehicles.

Fleets think outside the box to increase brand awareness

Companies look to alternative methods to increase brand awareness for their fleets.

Preparing for EVs: Charge the North EV study findings for fleet operators

Is the electrical grid and utilities sector prepared for wide-scale EV adoption? A study of 1000 EVs in Canada looks at what is needed to support and prepare for EV uptake.

Global Fleet Conference recap: Think local, act global

We share the top takeaways from the Global Fleet Conference in Miami. Electric vehicles were top of mind for many attendees.

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