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Climate Mayors push for EV adoption in the U.S.

The Climate Mayors are a network of 400+ U.S. city leaders allied to fight climate change. Read about what they are doing.

Overcoming EV range anxiety with electric vehicles

An increasing number of fleet managers are becoming interested in electric vehicles (EVs), spurred on by the promise of lower operating costs and the ability to reduce their environmental impact. Zero tailpipe emissions of greenhouse and other noxious gases also make EVs an attractive option for city-based fleets, where local authorities are enforcing more stringent

What is an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment?

Learn more about Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment to help you make your electrifying transition seamless.

A visual guide to public EV charging stations – Spain

A guide that shows the location of public charging points for electric vehicles in the main Spanish cities.

The future of transportation: Where will we go?

From drones to hover bikes and tunnels, take a look at the future of transportation where sustainable and autonomous technology rule.

Cities driving to 100% renewable energy

Learn what cities worldwide are pledging to institute clean air solutions to solve problems, to better lives, and to bring us to the future.

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