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Real Fleet Strategies for Coping with Driver Objections to Tracking

Fleet tracking can be a sensitive topic for drivers. Some drivers may believe that management are watching every move so they can criticize or punish employees, leading to driver objections to telematics. But that is definitely not the case when it comes to Geotab. It’s not just about breadcrumb trails! In fact, telematics can be

ELD Training Guide: Resources for New to Advanced Users

The ELD mandate is here! You have deployed ELDs in all of your trucks and your drivers are now using the system. Now what? There are three different scenarios you could be currently experiencing: going wonderful (advanced users), still learning (basic/intermediate users), or struggling (new user running into issues). We have outlined ELD training resources

CVSA Roadcheck 2018 Targets HOS Compliance

To help you prepare for the CVSA Roadcheck, we have compiled a list of important Geotab Cloud ELD information and resources. When Is the CVSA International Roadcheck? This year, the annual International Roadcheck by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) takes place June 5-7, 2018. During these 72 hours, commercial motor vehicle inspectors will be

6 Steps for Data Cleaning and Why it Matters

So you’re working with data to measure and optimize your fleet program. Have you also added data cleaning to your routine? Here is a quick overview to get you started. No matter the type of data — telematics or otherwise — data quality is important. Old and inaccurate data can have an impact on results.

Submitting Feature Requests to Geotab

We as a company strive everyday to do better and find new innovations to improve our company. Achieving customer service excellence is a top priority. Although it sounds quite straightforward, continuous improvement means more than simply trying to improve everyday. Continuous improvement, as formalized in the Kaizen methodology (meaning “change for the better” in Japanese),

NFC Driver ID Technology: How to Use and Install

Do you know who is driving? Driver ID — associating drivers with vehicles — is an important tool when it comes to managing your fleet. But the most basic form of telematics tracks data by vehicle, not by driver. In some fleets, drivers may switch vehicles, use multiple vehicles, or have multiple drivers using a

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