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Pro tips for using MyGeotab groups and sub-groups

Learn how to optimize your business and increase overall efficiency using MyGeotab groups and sub-groups.

Understanding the MyGeotab Binary Data Types

The information in this article is useful to developers and integrators using the Geotab SDK (Software Development Kit). In terms of engine data in MyGeotab, you have likely heard of status data and fault data. Status data (designated by type StatusData) indicates the state of a vehicle measured at a given time. For example, ignition

Protecting Data and Auditing Database Access

If you are storing sensitive data, it’s time to ask yourself: “How well are you protecting your data?” Regardless of the industry, data security should always be top priority. Read this post to learn about protecting data access and auditing database access. Layers of Data Protection Since data is present at many different levels, let’s

Electrify Your Fleet: Q&A with the Expert

Should your fleet be electric, hybrid, or gas? How do you know your solution will be expensive or cost-effective? It sometimes feels like there are more questions than answers when it comes to fleet electrification. Matt Stevens, Vice President, Electric Vehicles at Geotab, answers the top questions on how to electrify your fleet. Below, he

Using the MyGeotab Python API to Create Custom Reports

Looking for information on the MyGeotab Python API and how to use it? Read this post to get started. Every MyGeotab database comes with a set of built-in Excel reports that allow users to access and analyze their data. For customers who want to change these reports, we allow our templates to be adjusted, downloaded

4 Fixes for Driver Objections to Telematics

Fleet tracking can be a sensitive topic for drivers. Some drivers may believe that management are watching every move so they can criticize or punish employees, leading to driver objections to telematics. But that is definitely not the case when it comes to Geotab. It’s not just about breadcrumb trails! In fact, telematics can be

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