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Unions and Telematics: Showing the Value of Employee GPS Tracking

Traditionally, there has been some opposition from unions to the use of vehicle telematics, primarily because of the insights it gives an organization about people’s actions (or lack thereof). However, more and more it is being recognized as an essential fleet management tool. How can companies implement employee GPS tracking without stressing their labour relationships?

VIN Number Lookup in MyGeotab

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — We have all seen it and in most cases not really thought very much about it. It’s a seemingly random string of 17 digits and for most of us, we only do a VIN number lookup right after we purchase a vehicle to make the appropriate registrations. Decoding the VIN

How to Get Fleet Driver Buy-In on Driver Scorecards

Are you thinking of implementing a fleet driver report card, but afraid of the employee backlash around snooping and “big brothering?” The success of your program can be impacted by the way you introduce scorecards to your team. This article provides some tips on how to communicate the reasons and benefits of driver behavior monitoring

Build a Stronger Business Now and Tomorrow with Leadership Development

As forward-thinking managers, you have your eye on the future and where the business is going. Are you also taking note of who will be working alongside you on that path into the future? People are the engine of the organization, so it’s worthwhile to take some time to consider leadership development among your management

Why Converting to a Paperless Office Is Good for Business

Employers are continuously searching for innovative ways to transform office spaces into environments that encourage productivity, collaboration and growth. A paperless office is a worthwhile investment to boost efficiency and reduce your environmental impact, not to mention your chance of getting a papercut is significantly less. Read about the benefits of going paperless and see

Webinar: Tips on Buying ELDs — Now Available Online

ELDs — Are you ready? The first implementation deadline for truckers is December 18, 2017. By that date, carriers already using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) must be using electronic logging devices (ELDs). Read this post to get important tips on buying ELDs. But with so many compliance options out there, how do you know

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