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Work Productivity and the Multitasking Myth

Multitasking is a lie. Read this blog post to learn about the multitasking myth and how you may be undercutting your productivity by doing too many things at once. The Concept of Multitasking is Misleading Authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan help unveil the multitasking myth in their book The One Thing. They capture our

Disaster Planning for Fleets

Three miles in one minute. That’s how fast the Carr Fire flames in Northern California were said to be travelling at one point as firefighters rushed to evacuate people and animals. Fire agencies made a public statement that they were no longer prioritizing saving structures but just getting people out — and fast. These were

Bicycle Safety Tips for Drivers and Cyclists

You may have noticed more bikes on the road. The shift to smart mobility around the world means that alternative, greener modes of transportation are being encouraged, such as cycling. Bike-sharing, part of the emerging micro-mobility industry, is expanding in North America and Asia. This year, Uber acquired Jump, an e-bike ride-sharing company. Bicycle Safety

3 Takeaways from Global Fleet Management Trends

With researchers citing that the global IoT fleet management market is expected to grow by almost $17 billion in the next seven years, it’s safe to say that telematics has gone global. And by global, we do mean every part of the world including remote and harsh locations such as Antarctica. Geotab announced its first

The Benefits of SaaS for Trucking Companies with a Long-Term View

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an on-demand software using cloud storage. Examples of SaaS you may already use include Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Amazon web services and Dropbox. These programs work by providing a cloud-based solution for data and software. What are the benefits of SaaS?  Companies use SaaS in order to

A Fresh Take on Improving Fleet Efficiency

Is it possible to increase driver safety, productivity and fleet efficiency at the same time? How is it done? Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Geotab, weighed in on that question in an interview for the PwC Canada Vision to Reality Awards, which celebrate innovation in the tech industry. Using telematics

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