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Driver safety: How fleet managers can put the brakes on speeders

There’s no denying that employers have an important role — and responsibility — in helping reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Stopping fleet speeding requires action. Employers can positively influence the employee safety on (and off) the job through safety-focused leadership. Despite common belief, speeding doesn’t save time and is

How to track off-road fleet equipment

Many companies face challenges integrating and managing their data assets. When you’re a fleet with mixed equipment and vehicles, it can be even more complex. Using a telematics platform that supports both over-the-road trucks and off-road equipment together makes the process easier.  Selecting the best telematics device for off-road applications Choosing the right device for

A simple guide to EV charging

A guide to electric vehicle charging, terms, the cost and common mistakes to avoid.

Small fleet, big rewards: Telematics tips for small fleets

4 tips on small fleet management. Learn how small fleets can use telematics to achieve higher performance and find cost savings.

Fleet management tools for the new mobility scenario

Fleets are facing new pressures as the mobility sector changes around them. Learn how telematics can be used to stay competitive through optimization.

How Geotab verifies your fuel data

Learn how Geotab’s GO devices monitor fuel data to help you optimize your fleet and track fuel use for better efficiency.

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