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Keep residual value high with telematics

Learn how to maximize your fleet’s residual value with the help of telematics.

Top 3 fleet reports for field service management

Increase overall efficiency and reduce costs with these 3 Geotab reports for field service management, including the safety scorecard.

7 reasons to choose the Geotab ProPlus fleet software plan

What is the Geotab ProPlus fleet software plan? Read about the top 7 benefits of ProPlus and learn how to activate or upgrade your telematics account.

Geotab Women in STEM program supports next generation of leaders

Discover how Geotab women in technology play a pivotal role in bringing parity to STEM.

Winter road works compliance: 5 challenges and solutions

Stay ahead of your competition by being prepared for these five common issues that arise when managing winter road work.

Discover Geotab’s STEM programs

The job market is ripe for STEM talent. In fact, about 2.4 million STEM-related jobs remain unfilled in the U.S., according to the Smithsonian Science Education Center. As well, U.S.-based jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will grow to 9 million by 2022, based on predictions from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That

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