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Geotab Celebrates 500 Blog Posts

Geotab is celebrating 500 blog posts. This article marks number 500 in a long line of posts on fleet safety, productivity, efficiency, compliance and much more. Our contributors are the Geotab employees themselves, sharing their expertise and knowledge.   In six years, the Geotab Blog has accumulated over 900,000 page views and more than 630,000

Are Heavy-Duty Trucks the Key to Solving Air Pollution?

For decades, the trucking industry has been working along with public and private partners to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency. In 2017, the Run on Less cross-country roadshow showed how fleets can save fuel and emissions by employing technology, plus driving and maintenance best practices. New research shows that heavy trucks may indeed be

Mexican Trucking Industry Undergoes New Regulations

There are two new major regulations underway in Mexico. One rule requires GPS on double-trailer trucks, while the other, similar to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations in the U.S., sets the standards for driving time and breaks. Both regulations are an effort to tighten up road safety, with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation

#PhonesDownEyesUp — Promoting Safety and Responsibility on Both Sides of the Wheel

At Geotab, we strongly believe in the power that technology has to create positive change, especially in the areas of fleet optimization and driver safety. However, Geotab also wants to call attention to the importance of being aware while using technology, in particular when walking and driving. Earlier this month, Geotab announced the launch of

Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada Skyrocket in Second Quarter of 2018

It seems like “Who killed the electric car?” is no longer a relevant question now that global electric vehicle (EV) sales are booming. Bloomberg reports a “surging demand” with a 77% increase in EV sales worldwide over the previous year. A new update by FleetCarma, a clean-tech information and technology company, also a Geotab company,

3 Takeaways from Global Fleet Management Trends

With researchers citing that the global IoT fleet management market is expected to grow by almost $17 billion in the next seven years, it’s safe to say that telematics has gone global. And by global, we do mean every part of the world including remote and harsh locations such as Antarctica. Geotab announced its first

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