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Benefits of Telematics: The Financial Argument

We often hear about the potential of telematics to help commercial vehicle fleets cut costs and operate more efficiently. Companies that deploy telematics solutions to improve the operation of their commercial vehicle fleets, often conclude that when, for example, a fleet reduces fuel costs, it operates more efficiently. However, such examples of cost reduction and

What to Do with AdBlue?

Everyday, Geotab is hearing from more and more fleet managers who are looking for ways to better manage their diesel fleet’s AdBlue — and for good reason. Used by fleets to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and comply with EU vehicle emissions standards, AdBlue requires special management. This blog describes some common use cases

How CFOs Can Build a Better Budget with Telematics

Current trends in your operations are an excellent indicator of future expenses. Fleet data provided by the Geotab open platform can support your finance department’s budgeting and forecasting by helping you gather and analyze the information needed. To ease information sharing, dashboards can be set up to quickly provide accurate data and reports on a

Engine Diagnostics or GPS Only Tracking: Which is Better?

Diagnostic or non-diagnostic GPS tracking. Which one is better? You may have heard about the benefits of each. This post sets the record straight on why you need true engine diagnostics. Diagnostic vs. Non-Diagnostic Fleet Vehicle Tracking Here is the difference between diagnostic and non-diagnostic tracking for fleet vehicles. Diagnostic Fleet Tracking with an OBD-connected

10 Ways to Cut Your Fuel Costs

When it comes to fuel spending, there are several things that can be done to help cut your fuel costs and save money. The main two areas that it comes down to is either improving the fuel economy of already existing vehicles or acquiring new vehicles with better mpg. While upgrading a whole fleet isn’t

What if Santa’s Sleigh Had Geotab Tracking?

On Christmas Eve, all over the world, people will be tracking Santa’s sleigh. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa for over 60 years, thanks to the ingenuity of Colonel Harry Shoup in 1955. These days, kids can even download an app to their phones to follow the whereabouts of the

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