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Route Optimization: Plan Deliveries Better with Traffic Modeling

The best way to effectively plan delivery is to use a planning tool that does it for you. Such a tool must be flexible enough so that the delivery planner can include all of its delivery constraints such as truck capacity, multiple time windows, etc. In addition, the tool must be accurate enough so chances

Run on Less: Drivers Show How Technology Impacts Fuel Efficiency [Updated]

Fuel efficient trucking β€” is it possible? Based on the results from the Run on Less roadshow, the answer is β€œYes.” Read this article to learn how a team of truck drivers proved that fuel efficiency is achievable. The State of Fuel Economy in Trucking When it comes to fuel economy in the trucking industry,

Green Fleets Help Fight the War Against Air Pollution

The deadly effects of air pollution have been demonstrated by various studies. As a result, numerous governments have invested in smart mobility and smart city projects with the aim of protecting the health of their citizens. Green and pedestrian zones, bikeways and green mobility alternatives are the most popular government reforms as of now. With

What Is Geofencing?

GEOFENCING is the act of creating and defining virtual geographic areas that trigger a specific action when a GPS fleet tracking device is within, enters, or exits the geographic zone. What Is a Geofence? A geofence is a defined area in a virtual setting, which corresponds to a real-world geographic area. Geofences are used in

Motivate Drivers to the Next Level with Fleet Gamification

Companies from all different industries are adopting gamification to market products, promote social causes, and motivate employees. Research and Markets forecasts that the global gamification market will grow by more than 48% by 2019. Even fleets are taking advantage of this tool to boost their productivity and improve driving behavior. But, it is right for

VIN Number Lookup in MyGeotab

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) β€” We have all seen it and in most cases not really thought very much about it. It’s a seemingly random string of 17 digits and for most of us, we only do a VIN number lookup right after we purchase a vehicle to make the appropriate registrations. Decoding the VIN

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