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25 tips for a green fleet strategy

Make every day Earth Day. Here are 25 tips to help you take your green fleet strategy to the next level.

What is fleet sustainability?

Learn about fleet sustainability and find out how to achieve your green fleet goals with telematics, including EV tracking and tracking your carbon footprint.

5 off-road equipment tracking challenges and how to overcome them

Fleets with off-road equipment are discovering that telematics can help with common challenges like downtime, safety and high fuel costs.

Keep residual value high with telematics

Learn how to maximize your fleet’s residual value with the help of telematics.

Cutting maintenance costs on trailers with dynamic asset tracking

Asset tracking has been used for decades to help keep track of physical assets. In the last few years, with the help of advancements in technology, it has become easier than ever to save money and protect your fleet from theft. Keep reading for tips on cutting maintenance costs on trailers. The high return on

Telematics best practices for government fleet: State of Utah

The State of Utah Division of Fleet Operations recently completed a successful one-year telematics pilot program with Geotab, showcasing the value of government fleet telematics. Initial results showed a number of quantitative and qualitative benefits in the areas of fuel, maintenance, accidents and utilization. The State has found that the Geotab telematics platform “more than

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