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Category Archives: Optimization

How video telematics works

Learn how video telematics can change the way your business operates with insight and data from before and after events.

Tech spotlight: Bluetooth Low Energy with telematics

Bluetooth Low Energy, different from Bluetooth classic, is used to track assets to help you manage and optimize your business.

How Geotab verifies your fuel data

Learn how Geotab’s GO devices monitor fuel data to help you optimize your fleet and track fuel use for better efficiency.

Four questions about cybersecurity every fleet executive must ask

Cybersecurity is an executive responsibility. Dirk Schlimm discusses four principles that should be top of mind for fleet executives.

25 tips for a green fleet strategy

Make every day Earth Day. Here are 25 tips to help you take your green fleet strategy to the next level.

What is fleet sustainability?

Learn about fleet sustainability and find out how to achieve your green fleet goals with telematics, including EV tracking and tracking your carbon footprint.

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