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Working Towards Fleet Sustainability? Try Telematics

Governments around the world have jointly acknowledged the need to take action on climate change. Almost 200 parties have signed on to the Paris Agreement, a worldwide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses have also joined this movement and are embracing fleet sustainability as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. What Is Fleet

What’s the Big Deal with Big Data and IoT?

Everyone is talking about big data. Maybe it has you thinking, “What is big data and why is it such a big deal?” Big data is not just a buzzword — it is so much more. Big data and IoT are transforming business, and some might even say it’s changing the world. In business, big

Truck Driver Retention Strategies: How Telematics Can Help

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), one of the top ten critical issues facing the commercial trucking industry is driver retention. Keeping drivers on board is necessary to stop the churn of solid, reliable drivers moving from one fleet to another – or even worse, leaving the industry all together. When looking at

Canadian Smart Cities Challenge: Kickstarting Innovation with IoT and Urban Analytics

Urbanization presents a number of challenges for municipalities large and small — from safety, mobility, efficiency, and citizen engagement, to environmental sustainability. With 54 percent of the world’s population currently living in urban areas, and expected to increase to 66 percent by 2050, cities will be strained even further by a lack of resources, ageing

Benefits of Telematics: The Financial Argument

We often hear about the potential of telematics to help commercial vehicle fleets cut costs and operate more efficiently. Companies that deploy telematics solutions to improve the operation of their commercial vehicle fleets, often conclude that when, for example, a fleet reduces fuel costs, it operates more efficiently. However, such examples of cost reduction and

What to Do with AdBlue?

Everyday, Geotab is hearing from more and more fleet managers who are looking for ways to better manage their diesel fleet’s AdBlue — and for good reason. Used by fleets to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and comply with EU vehicle emissions standards, AdBlue requires special management. This blog describes some common use cases

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