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Run on Less: All-Star Team of Truck Drivers Show How Technology and Driving Can Impact Fuel Efficiency

The roadshow has begun! A fleet of Class 8 trucks are off and running for the Run on Less cross-country roadshow to raise awareness about fuel efficiency best practices in long-haul trucking. There are exciting innovations happening in the trucking industry and particularly in the area of fuel economy. New engine and drivetrain technology, low

Motivate Drivers to the Next Level with Fleet Gamification

Companies from all different industries are adopting gamification to market products, promote social causes, and motivate employees. Research and Markets forecasts that the global gamification market will grow by more than 48% by 2019. Even fleets are taking advantage of this tool to boost their productivity and improve driving behavior. But, it is right for

VIN Number Lookup in MyGeotab

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — We have all seen it and in most cases not really thought very much about it. It’s a seemingly random string of 17 digits and for most of us, we only do a VIN number lookup right after we purchase a vehicle to make the appropriate registrations. Decoding the VIN

How to Get Fleet Driver Buy-In on Driver Scorecards

Are you thinking of implementing a fleet driver report card, but afraid of the employee backlash around snooping and “big brothering?” The success of your program can be impacted by the way you introduce scorecards to your team. This article provides some tips on how to communicate the reasons and benefits of driver behavior monitoring

Do Driver Scorecards Work?

Driver safety is an important priority for fleets, no matter the fleet size or type. Year after year, safety appears on the list of top fleet challenges. How can fleet managers tackle this issue and improve driver safety and performance? Driver scorecards are one solution. In this article, we’ll discuss driver scorecards and their effectiveness.

What Is DVIR?

A DRIVER VEHICLE INSPECTION REPORT or DVIR, is a formal record confirming that a driver has completed an inspection on a commercial motor vehicle. Inspections are carried out at the beginning of the day, before work begins, and also at the end of the day when driving is finished (called the pre-trip inspection and post-trip

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