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Mexican Trucking Industry Undergoes New Regulations

There are two new major regulations underway in Mexico. One rule requires GPS on double-trailer trucks, while the other, similar to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations in the U.S., sets the standards for driving time and breaks. Both regulations are an effort to tighten up road safety, with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation

Disaster Planning for Fleets

Three miles in one minute. That’s how fast the Carr Fire flames in Northern California were said to be travelling at one point as firefighters rushed to evacuate people and animals. Fire agencies made a public statement that they were no longer prioritizing saving structures but just getting people out — and fast. These were

#PhonesDownEyesUp — Promoting Safety and Responsibility on Both Sides of the Wheel

At Geotab, we strongly believe in the power that technology has to create positive change, especially in the areas of fleet optimization and driver safety. However, Geotab also wants to call attention to the importance of being aware while using technology, in particular when walking and driving. Earlier this month, Geotab announced the launch of

Vision Zero: The Road Safety Movement Taking Over the World

One million people die in traffic-related incidents around the world every year. By 2030, that number is expected to rise making road traffic fatalities the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. Vision Zero is an initiative created to prevent collisions and give citizens the right to safe mobility. Now a global movement for safety, Vision

Two-Step Risky Driving Action Plan for Fleets

Do you know how your fleet drivers actually perform while on the road? Wouldn’t you like to know? After all, risky driving is estimated to cause or contribute to 40% of crashes, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). In this blog post, we’ll cover just what risky driving is and describe

Bicycle Safety Tips for Drivers and Cyclists

You may have noticed more bikes on the road. The shift to smart mobility around the world means that alternative, greener modes of transportation are being encouraged, such as cycling. Bike-sharing, part of the emerging micro-mobility industry, is expanding in North America and Asia. This year, Uber acquired Jump, an e-bike ride-sharing company. Bicycle Safety

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