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Building global road safety with telematics

Geotab sponsored the NETS Latin America Satellite Conference on road safety in San Jose, Costa Rica.

5 off-road equipment tracking challenges and how to overcome them

Fleets with off-road equipment are discovering that telematics can help with common challenges like downtime, safety and high fuel costs.

NYC Vision Zero paves the way to safer streets

The NYC Vision Zero action plan is an example of safety leadership and putting people first. New York City is aiming to become the “world’s safest big city.” Efforts have already made significant improvements. In the Vision Zero Year Four update, New York City reported a 28 percent reduction in traffic fatalities and 45 percent

No boundaries to achieving Vision Zero

Learn more about Together for Safer Roads (TSR), an innovative coalition that brings together global companies to improve road safety.

Telematics and fleet safety in Latin America — webinar recap

Fleet safety is a top concern for multinational businesses entering Latin America. Geotab’s aggregated data can help improve fleet safety, poor road conditions and more.

Why weather is a problem for autonomous vehicle safety

Even with the ongoing breakthroughs in automotive, a big hurdle that remains to be conquered is driving safely in inclement weather. Driving in less than ideal conditions decreases on-road visibility, leaving your fleet vulnerable to potential accidents. In this article, we explore the issue of autonomous vehicle safety and weather. Though the future of autonomous

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