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Two-Step Risky Driving Action Plan for Fleets

Do you know how your fleet drivers actually perform while on the road? Wouldn’t you like to know? After all, risky driving is estimated to cause or contribute to 40% of crashes, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). In this blog post, we’ll cover just what risky driving is and describe

Bicycle Safety Tips for Drivers and Cyclists

You may have noticed more bikes on the road. The shift to smart mobility around the world means that alternative, greener modes of transportation are being encouraged, such as cycling. Bike-sharing, part of the emerging micro-mobility industry, is expanding in North America and Asia. This year, Uber acquired Jump, an e-bike ride-sharing company. Bicycle Safety

Safety and Sustainability Take the Lead in Latin American Fleets

Fleet management in Latin America is evolving, as in other parts of the world, and new priorities are emerging. Fleet safety and sustainability are finally taking the driver’s seat. This is an overview of what’s happening in the region. Raising the Bar on Road Safety in Latin America Deadly statistics on road collisions highlight the

Top 12 Most Popular Geotab Marketplace Solutions for Latin America

Geotab is much more than GPS tracking. With the Geotab Marketplace of telematics Add-Ons, software Add-Ins, mobile apps and more, fleets can customize Geotab to their specific business needs. To highlight some of these great options, we compiled a list of the top 12 most popular solutions on the Geotab Marketplace available in Latin America

Is There a Future for Military GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been at the forefront of U.S. military technology for many years now, and widely used in different applications. This article investigates military GPS applications now and in the future. Military GPS Applications GPS technology was put to the test during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and has since

Improving Road Safety with Technology Innovation

The automobile has been around for little more than a century and during this period, it has gone through an extraordinary evolution, driven by constant technological innovations. However, other aspects of transportation, extravehicular safety, signage, and traffic control infrastructure have seen a much slower pace of development. Some of the technology on and around roads

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