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Geotab Hurricane Assistance for Fleets

The devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma has affected fleets across the Gulf Coast, Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean and will continue to do so for a long time. As the recovery gets underway, a unified effort is needed to support these businesses in rebuilding. Geotab is committed to assisting our fleets during the Hurricane

5 Tools for Optimal First Responder Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Many fleets are concerned with responding quickly, but for police, first responders, and emergency medical services (EMS), it affects lives. In addition to day-to-day challenges, many factors such as growing cities, increasing number of calls, or understaffing put extra pressure on fleets when trying to meet targets. In this article, we review some solutions that

Geotab Data Shows Massive Increase in Fleet Activity as Florida Prepares for Hurricane Irma

The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has truly spurred the state of Florida into action. While Harvey departs, Hurricane Irma, already dubbed the most powerful Hurricane in the Atlantic, has left a trail of damage in the Caribbean and poses one of the most severe meteorological threats to Florida in its history. To help present

Motivate Drivers to the Next Level with Fleet Gamification

Companies from all different industries are adopting gamification to market products, promote social causes, and motivate employees. Research and Markets forecasts that the global gamification market will grow by more than 48% by 2019. Even fleets are taking advantage of this tool to boost their productivity and improve driving behavior. But, it is right for

Geotab Data Shows Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Driving and Commercial Fleet Activity

Hurricane Harvey continues to have devastating impact on the lives of Texans. The impact has been felt not only on a personal level by citizens all across the Houston area, but also economically through the thousands of businesses that simply cannot operate as they did just a few days before Harvey hit. There are Geotab

GPS Tracker Installation Guide

There are inherent risks with misuse of electronics and these are generally well known and communicated in product instructions and literature with an aim to prevent accidents. Many user warning labels of products include warnings like: “improper use may lead to serious injury….” along with instructions stating the do’s and don’ts. GPS tracker installation is

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