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No boundaries to achieving vision zero

Learn more about Together for Safer Roads (TSR), an innovative coalition that brings together global companies to improve road safety.

Telematics and fleet safety in Latin America — webinar recap

Fleet safety is a top concern for multinational businesses entering Latin America. Geotab’s aggregated data can help improve fleet safety, poor road conditions and more.

Why weather is a problem for autonomous vehicle safety

Even with the ongoing breakthroughs in automotive, a big hurdle that remains to be conquered is driving safely in inclement weather. Driving in less than ideal conditions decreases on-road visibility, leaving your fleet vulnerable to potential accidents. In this article, we explore the issue of autonomous vehicle safety and weather. Though the future of autonomous

Telematics best practices for government fleet: State of Utah

The State of Utah Division of Fleet Operations recently completed a successful one-year telematics pilot program with Geotab, showcasing the value of government fleet telematics. Initial results showed a number of quantitative and qualitative benefits in the areas of fuel, maintenance, accidents and utilization. The State has found that the Geotab telematics platform “more than

VTTI study shows automated driver training reduced risky driving

A Virginia Tech Trucking Institute (VTTI) fleet safety study on Predictive Coach found that the automated driver training solution successfully reduced risky driving. VTTI reports: “The Predictive Coach Program resulted in statistically significant reductions in the rate of most risky driving behaviors tracked.” In particular, excessive speeding was reduced by 73.93 percent. In addition, VTTI

Going From Reactive to Proactive Fleet Safety

Road safety was the theme at the 2018 NETS Strength IN Numbers® Benchmark Conference this October in Frisco, Texas, which is part of the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), organization. Presenting at the conference in partnership with NETS, UPS and Geotab shed light on the hidden cost of reactive fleet management practices. Joe

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