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Get to Know Connected Vehicle Technology: V2V, V2X, V2I

The past decade really has been a game changer for the automotive industry. It all started with electric vehicles being commercialized and sold to the masses. As gas prices continue to rise and environmental concerns rise in popularity, major car manufacturers started looking at electric motors. Now, smart city technology has opened up another of

Uber Driver Tracking and Telematics

The ride-sharing service Uber has always focused on riding the cutting edge of technology to stay ahead of its incumbent predecessors and competition. Uber driver tracking GPS on drivers’ phones is proof of the value of measuring driver performance for businesses. See Also: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Mobility Industry How Uber is

5 Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

When looking to improve fleet performance, don’t ignore the impact of winter weather. With icy roads, poor visibility and other risks on the road, the colder weather can take a toll on drivers as well as their vehicles. Here are a few tips to winterize your vehicle and make sure your drivers always reach their

New FDA Food Safety Rule Transforms Food Transport

Trucking companies in the U.S. are faced with a number of new regulations. Two rules in particular are impacting the trucking industry in a big way: the ELD mandate on electronic logging devices and the new FDA food safety rule. While the ELD mandate has dominated the headlines, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

6 Road Crash Statistics You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s impossible to talk about vehicle safety and not recognize the alarming increase in road crash statistics, and even more, in vehicle crash fatalities. We gathered together some important numbers you can use to call attention to road safety among your fleet team. Road Crash Statistics: 6 Safety Stats You Should Know 1. “Wearing a

Big Data Use Cases for Telematics

When speaking of big data in fleet management, the first topic that will come to our mind is telematics. The foundation of telematics is the technology of collecting, storing, sending information between end users and vehicles through telecommunication devices. Big data use cases in telematics extends the usefulness of that data. Without the platform of

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