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The telematics advantage: Expotransporte Puebla recap

Geotab was proud to bring it’s innovative solutions to Mexico to over 15,000 attendees for the 17th Expotransporte Puebla tradeshow and Fleet LatAm conference.  These events aim to tackle transportation industry challenges currently present in Latin America. For example, many fleet managers want to upgrade their fleet but are wary of doing so due to

Driver safety: How fleet managers can put the brakes on speeders

There’s no denying that employers have an important role — and responsibility — in helping reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Stopping fleet speeding requires action. Employers can positively influence the employee safety on (and off) the job through safety-focused leadership. Despite common belief, speeding doesn’t save time and is

How to track off-road fleet equipment

Many companies face challenges integrating and managing their data assets. When you’re a fleet with mixed equipment and vehicles, it can be even more complex. Using a telematics platform that supports both over-the-road trucks and off-road equipment together makes the process easier.  Selecting the best telematics device for off-road applications Choosing the right device for

Get to know vehicle to infrastructure communication

Connected vehicles have the potential to dramatically improve driver safety. Read more.

Ridesharing and carsharing are growing in Latin America

The carsharing and ridesharing industry in LatAm is worth $925 million. Learn more about the dynamics that shape the region’s mobility marketplace.

Every second counts: Active Tracking for first responders

What is Active Tracking and how does it benefit emergency vehicle fleets? Read to learn more.

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