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Open Data and Big Data Privacy

If your business is trying to stay current with what’s happening in technology and data science, one term that you should be familiar with is “open data.” Read this post for the answer to “What is open data?” and download a free white paper about open data and big data privacy and security. What Is

NFC Driver ID Technology: How to Use and Install

Do you know who is driving? Driver ID — associating drivers with vehicles — is an important tool when it comes to managing your fleet. But the most basic form of telematics tracks data by vehicle, not by driver. In some fleets, drivers may switch vehicles, use multiple vehicles, or have multiple drivers using a

No One Owns (Car) Data

Lothar Determann’s research paper “No One Owns Data” follows on the heels of his earlier (co-authored) seminal piece “Open Cars” and is a must read for anyone who is involved with IoT in general and connected cars & mobility in particular. Determann’s analysis and perspective are extremely topical at a time where the imminent arrival

A Quick History of Vehicle Cybersecurity

Since 1996, it has been legislated in North America that vehicles have an OBD II (J1962) port. Its regulated use was for emissions testing, so a standard was created to allow data to be viewed in a designated format. The OBD II standard data received through the diagnostic port allowed mechanics in mom and pop

Federal Fleet Manager Cybersecurity Considerations for Telematics

It can be challenging for federal fleet managers to determine what cybersecurity requirements should apply to their telematics deployments. The purpose of this document is to help guide and inform federal fleet managers, chief security officers, and other members of the fleet industry on cybersecurity standards so that they can make the right decision when

The Incredible Disappearing Car: Combating GPS Jammers

GPS tracking technologies are on the rise as new innovations continue to be developed. With the prevalence of smartphones and IoT devices, every location, online search, visited website and purchase made is being tracked. While many people are willing to share their location for good purposes, there is another set of people who want to

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