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Federal Fleet Manager Cybersecurity Considerations for Telematics

It can be challenging for federal fleet managers to determine what cybersecurity requirements should apply to their telematics deployments. The purpose of this document is to help guide and inform federal fleet managers, chief security officers, and other members of the fleet industry on cybersecurity standards so that they can make the right decision when

The Incredible Disappearing Car: Combating GPS Jammers

GPS tracking technologies are on the rise as new innovations continue to be developed. With the prevalence of smartphones and IoT devices, every location, online search, visited website and purchase made is being tracked. While many people are willing to share their location for good purposes, there is another set of people who want to

Cloud Strategy Is the New Normal

Cloud is the new normal. You may have heard this phrase quoted often. Cloud computing is taking off in almost every industry. The private sector has seen a host of benefits from cloud strategy — reducing costs, increased security, flexibility, and productivity. While it’s no secret that the private world is benefiting from the cloud,

Securing the Future of Connected Mobility

Modern transportation and mobility without data has become unthinkable. While it may still appear as a novel concept to consumers, the “connected car” is advancing quickly. In fact, data-enabled commercial fleet management, leasing, and car rental operations have already been widely adopted. There are millions of connected vehicles in operation around the globe including the

How We Protect Your Data with Backup and Recovery

Security, performance, and scalability are some of the more talked about concepts when it comes to telematics and database management these days. One database management task that is equally important and often overlooked is backup and recovery. Having a good backup and recovery procedure gives you the ability to restore your database to a consistent

Best Practices for Password Management in MyAdmin

Geotab continuously strives to evolve and strengthen the security mechanisms and processes in which we operate. We also try our best to do what is right for our clients and help keep their data safe, providing the necessary tools to help our clients manage this. One of the fundamental areas in which steps can be

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