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Maps BI Dashboards: Bring Your Data to Life

Maps BI Dashboards: Bring Your Data to Life

With the volume of data available to fleet managers, having a tool to help analyze and translate that business intelligence is essential. Dashboards are the perfect solution because they are affordable, quick to implement, and easy-to-use. This blog post provides an overview of Maps BI and some of its key features.

What is Maps BI?

The Maps BI Interactive Dashboard Add-In, available on the Geotab Marketplace, integrates seamlessly with the MyGeotab fleet management software to provide instant access to beautiful, easy-to-understand dashboards for added power and functionality. At a glance, you can see opportunities, trends and even areas of concern. Find, focus, plan, and report on what matters most. The platform also makes it easy to tie in Geotab data with other systems, such as those built for work orders, human capital management, and more. Watch the video overview: “Creating a Dashboard from Scratch in Maps BI.”

Dashboard Benefits

Individuals in every department and level of an organization can benefit from Maps BI’s interactive dashboards, from C-Level executives straight through to fleet managers and drivers. If you are juggling multiple priorities and finding it difficult to schedule time for sorting through and analyzing your data, then dashboarding is an ideal solution.

  • Helps you make informed decisions quickly.
  • Saves time and increases the value of your telematics data by converting rows and columns into an interactive map and dashboard.
  • Allows you to focus on business analysis instead of wasting time creating and formatting charts and graphs in spreadsheets.
  • Provides a means of communicating performance results to management or team members in a way that it presentable and easy to understand.

How to Get Started

To get started, click the button below and complete the information. Your Authorized Geotab Reseller will contact you to arrange a 30-day free trial. No downloading is required and everything is accessible via the web.

The Maps BI icon appears on your MyGeotab navigation menu upon activation. Once Maps BI is connected to MyGeotab, it automatically transforms your data into a series of interactive dashboards.


Anatomy of a Dashboard

maps bi dashboard geotab

Key Features of the Maps BI Interactive Dashboard:

  • Timeline — Explore your geospatial data in time and space. Compare and contrast data by clicking and dragging the Timeline. As you adjust your time horizon, your map will change and your entire dashboard will update as well.
  • Heat Map — Hot spots on the map allow you to quickly identify exceptions such as Fleet Idling, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Speeding, or Harsh Cornering. Areas of concern are highlighted by the color and size of the hot spot. Pan and zoom in and out on geographic regions and the map will update the results. Click on the bubbles to obtain further details via customizable pop-ups. If you aren’t interested in location data and map information, you can turn that off and operate in basic mode.
  • Charts and Tables — Transforms data into actionable business intelligence. Visualize your data with gauges, top 10 lists, tables, customizable pop-ups, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and more. Drag-and-drop to change the appearance of the dashboard, and create drill-down links to other dashboards to tell a story with your data.
  • Filter — Focus on specific datasets while muting others. Click on the Filter Data button at the top of the screen. Select and deselect the data you want displayed and then click Apply. Filter your data by multiple dimensions: date/time, vehicle, zone, driver, exception type, and more. Maps BI features dynamic analytics, so that when you change your view, your map, charts and tables will also update.
  • Legend — Click on the heat map bar to select the metric that you want to look at: average speed, maximum speed, number of incidents, duration of incidents, and much more.

maps bi realtime winter ops dashboard

Maps BI Dashboard Templates

Choose from ready-made dashboard templates or customize your own dashboard to suit your organization’s specific needs. Maps BI offers a whole range of templates, such as: Speeding, Monthly Fleet Scorecard, Monthly Idling Scorecard, Idling Map, Fleet Utilization, Mobileye Dashboard, Temperature Tracking Dashboard, Real-Time Winter Operations, and more.

maps bi dashboard table

Click to Customize

Maps BI is fully customizable. With administrator privileges, you can change the layout of the dashboard. Rearrange your dashboard by dragging and dropping the widgets. Use the Edit button to customize an existing dashboard, or create a new one from scratch based on one of the incoming data feeds such as exceptions or trips. Click Create New Dashboard to access the dashboard creation wizard or choose from one of our pre-developed templates. With the Dashboard Builder, you can choose and customize the charts and layout.

maps bi speeding band dashboard

Share & Publish Your Results

The Maps BI Add-In includes both Private and My Team modes. The Privacy setting allows you to choose who can see your data. Share it on your site and with the general public or with a small group of people. You can also choose not to share it with anyone.

With the Sharing feature, you can easily send your dashboards for viewing and collaboration. Click the Share button to obtain a URL that you can copy and share by email or social network. That link can be pasted into any browser for viewing. There is the option to share with or without filters.

You can also obtain a different link for embedding the dashboard in a website or blog. This is useful for publishing the data on a company intranet. You can also export to PDF or download as an image.

Note: MyGeotab user settings for user groups and permissions are integrated in Maps BI. If access is limited to a certain set of vehicles, that translates automatically into Maps BI.

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Connect to Insight With the Maps BI API

Whether you want to stream CRM data, eCommerce data, or data from your own line-of-business application to gain geographic insights, Maps BI can accommodate these links through our API or simple DataSync application. With the comprehensive API you can connect any of your existing systems and easily stream data onto your dashboards. Create new datasets, embed interactive visualizations, and more. We follow industry standards and enable communication via XML and JSON.

For more information on integrating your data with these interactive dashboards, please click Request Info on the Geotab Marketplace page here.

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