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Our NFC Driver ID Innovation History

Geotab NFC Driver ID Telematics

In response to our recent NFC Driver ID press release announcement, Geotab has seen a surge of online interest among media outlets and other key industry players. Geotab’s Driver ID with NFC technology (IOX-NFCREADER) provides companies the ability to monitor vehicles based on driver. Having the driver swipe in when they start a trip will allow a dispatcher or manager to easily view where each driver is at any point in time. It will also help you monitor which driver is currently operating a given vehicle.

To shed further light on the newly launched solution, this post will highlight our innovation history with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Driver ID.

Geotab NFC Driver ID Timeline

1997 — Having introduced our first Driver ID telematics system 16 years ago, Geotab is a recognized world pioneer in Driver ID telematics technology. We continue to invest more in telematics hardware research and development, and our focus is high value, high quality, and low cost.

2008 — Geotab introduced an RFID Driver ID tag for a large school bus fleet that required passenger identification. RFID readers have been known as being expensive and large – but having low cost Driver ID cards was viewed as an advantage.

2012 — Geotab launched the world’s first expandable telematics platform that combines the power of a recording unit with GPS, accelerometer, engine diagnostics, as well as Driver audible alerts for safe driving PLUS new IOX technology that enables a small device to have multiple add-ons.

Unlike most devices that only have one serial add-on, Geotab’s IOX allows daisy chain Add-Ons including Garmin, input/output sensors, and now Driver ID using new NFC technology.

Starting last year, NFC was launched in many consumer cell phones for the purpose of ultimately tap payment systems like GoogleWallet. Geotab has developed NFC for the purpose of telematics to make it the best option available for a low cost, all while ensuring the solutions is a robust and reliable way for businesses to track driver specific activity, such as customer stops or driving behavior.

Our world leading NFC Driver ID telematics product launch underscores the importance for recording and measuring both driver and vehicle activity in order to make informed business decisions.

To learn more about our NFC Driver ID option please contact us or ask to see an online demo. 

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