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Fleet Tracking That’s Easy
to Use and Install

Manage all your vehicles and drivers from one powerful and flexible fleet tracking platform.


Get Real-Time Fleet Tracking Insights

See how your fleet is really performing. View real-time trips and monitor engine diagnostics, driving behavior, productivity, and more. Access fleet trends anytime from your tablet, smartphone or desktop with the MyGeotab fleet management software.
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How Geotab Fleet Tracking Works

The Geotab GO GPS tracking device collects data on vehicle position, speed, trip distance/time, idling, harsh braking and driving, seat belt, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, battery voltage, and other engine data.

Log in to MyGeotab to view fleet analytics and set up custom driving rules. Stay on top of trends with alerts and emailed reports. The Geotab fleet tracking solution can also be connected to a wide range of business-focused solutions from the Geotab Marketplace.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

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Boost Productivity

Improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction by tracking time of arrival and departure, driving time, and locations visited.
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Cut Fuel Costs

Reduce fuel costs with detailed trend reports on fuel and idling. Improve your fleet’s fuel economy with side-by-side comparisons.
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Improve Driver Safety

Proactively manage safety and reinforce company policy with rules and notifications, plus integrated driver coaching solutions such as GO TALK live in-vehicle verbal feedback.
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Keep Customers Happy

Make fast and accurate deliveries with route optimization tools.
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Manage Compliance

Strengthen compliance to regulations with Geotab Cloud ELD and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting.
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Minimize Downtime

Detect engine issues and take action before they become major repairs.

Why Fleets Choose Geotab

Simple — Plug in the Geotab GO vehicle tracking device and get started right away.

Scalable — Geotab grows with you. Track one vehicle or thousands from MyGeotab.

Expandable — Tailor the fleet tracking solution to your changing needs with the Geotab Marketplace and Software Development Kit.
Geotab Fleet Solution

Telematics Success Story

Courier Fleet Reduces Downtime and Idling with GPS Fleet Tracking

Synergy Courier Services Ltd reduced idling and fuel costs and increased customer satisfaction thanks to Geotab’s real-time location tracking, idling reports and route optimization features.

Geotab case study

Transforming Fleet Management

High Quality Data for Business Decision-Making

Geotab provides you with the most important tracking elements, including complete trips history, accurate mileage and engine hours. G-Force sensors track driving habits such as hard braking and rapid acceleration to improve the MPG performance of the vehicle. Benefit also from engine monitoring and our unique collision detection solution.

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