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Sawatch Labs joins the Geotab Marketplace with launch of ezEV

Electric vehicle suitability assessment tool is the first EV-focused solution to be available on the Geotab Marketplace

Toronto, ON - July 29 2019 - Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, today announced the launch of a new analytics software by Sawatch Labs on the Geotab Marketplace. Using telematics data to assess where electric vehicles could be better utilized by fleets, ezEV is the first electric vehicle (EV) solution to join the Marketplace’s growing portfolio of mobile apps, software Add-Ins and hardware Add-Ons that enable Geotab customers to better manage their fleets. 

Sawatch Labs’ solution, ezEV, provides fleet managers with an assessment of individual vehicles in order to determine how an EV would perform following the same drive cycles and driving patterns of an existing vehicle. Each vehicle is then scored on its energy use, economics and parking consistency in order to produce an overall EV suitability score. This score enables businesses to determine financial savings, reduced fuel use and reduced GHG emissions if existing vehicles were replaced with recommended EVs as well as to confidently determine when an EV would and would not be a good decision.

“The premise is pretty simple – using telematics data, ezEV gives fleet managers confidence that they will place electric vehicles into successful applications. Just as importantly, we expose the use cases where EVs are not a good fit,” explained Ryan Daley, Chief Executive Officer at Sawatch Labs. “We are thrilled to launch as a Geotab Marketplace partner and look forward to providing Geotab customers with a solution that can help pinpoint where they will achieve the best impact from their EV investment.”

With the goal of simplifying the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies, Sawatch Labs is an analytics firm that helps organizations of all sizes make informed, data-driven fleet management decisions. The company’s holistic approach entails measuring fleet operations with telematics, optimizing the size and composition of a fleet, electrifying the appropriate vehicles, managing a mix of vehicle and fuel technologies and reporting on progress towards fleet management goals. 

“The Geotab Marketplace is designed to meet the needs of businesses by leveraging our telematics offering worldwide through an extensive ecosystem of partners and applications,” said Joey Marlow, Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations at Geotab. “As the first EV-focused Marketplace offering, Sawatch’s ezEV solution is the perfect complement to Geotab’s growing ecosystem, providing customers with data-driven insights on where EVs could make sense for them.”

Sawatch Labs’ ezEV is available as a Buy Now solution on the Geotab Marketplace:

About Sawatch Labs

Sawatch Labs is a value-added Geotab Marketplace solutions provider. Their mission is to simplify the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies. The Sawatch team has more than two decades of combined experience in Fleet Sustainability, Telematics, and Electric Vehicles as well as extensive experience working with Federal, State, and Local government fleets to meet and exceed sustainability goals. Sawatch Labs was founded in 2016 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

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