A Secure, World-Leading, GPS Telematics Device

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Easy Installation for Commercial Vehicle Tracking

The Geotab GO telematics GPS device is a small form-factor fleet tracking solution that plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD port. Adapters are available if an OBD port is not present. Installation is quick and easy, with no specialist tools or professional installation required.
Geotab GPS fleet tracking device

Fast Acquisition Time

Whether your vehicle is parked indoors or underground, Geotab's GPS business vehicle tracking and monitoring device starts recording as soon as you start driving. You'll get rich, accurate data on ignition, trip distances and times, engine idling, speed and much more.

High Quality Recordings

Our engine integration is an industry leader. The Geotab GO device extracts valuable vehicle health and running status analytics for commercial vehicles, to keep you aware of your service maintenance priorities. Recording VIN, odometer, and seat belt usage can help fleet managers to audit vehicle use, and to swiftly identify safe and dangerous driving behaviors.

Industry-Leading Communication

Secure Data Collection and Data Treatment

We use authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification for Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices and network interfaces. Each Geotab GO tracking device uses a unique ID and a non-static security key, making it difficult for fraudsters to fake a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify that updates come from a trusted source.

The protection of personal user data, consent requirements and individual privacy management is of the utmost important to us. As a global telematics provider, Geotab respects and complies with the requirements of privacy legislation in North America (US statutes and Canada PIPEDA) and Europe (GDPR).

With the secure Geotab telematics system, you get:

  • Authenticated end-to-end security
  • Encryption
  • Message integrity verification
  • Individualised devices with unique ID
  • Non-static security keys
  • Digitally-signed firmware
  • Expert independent third-party validation

Geotab Fleet security
Geotab Fleet

Cybersecurity Evolution

Geotab works with industry associations, universities, and authorities to advance cybersecurity within the telematics industry. The result of this collaboration is that the best tools and techniques are incorporated into our GPS fleet tracking solution. We validate our implementation through rigorous third-party penetration testing, and share these proven best practices with the rest of the industry.


Collision Detection & Alerts

Email and desktop alerts are available to provide fleet managers with real-time notifications when a collision is detected. If a suspected collision is detected, detailed forensic data will be automatically uploaded from the device, allow a forensic reconstruction of the event to be created. The Geotab GO telematics device also has the unique capability of recognising in-vehicle reverse collisions.
Geotab GO8 Accident Detection
gps vehicle tracking device expansion

Integrate Fleet Management with Third Party Solutions

IOX Expansion

With input/output expander (IOX) technology, Geotab GO device users can add additional functionality to their fleet management solution. Integrate third party applications, including cameras, driver ID, Garmin, temperature tracking, iridium satellite coverage and much more. Using integrated technology provided by our diverse partner network, can provide you with even more fleet management insights than ever before.


A One of a Kind Device

Advanced Vehicle Data Captured

Vehicles send data from a multitude of sources, including the engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster and other subsystems. By utilising multiple internal networks, the Geotab GO device captures this data, resulting in a rich tapestry of vehicle GPS fleet tracking insights just for you.
GPS vehicle tracking device
Geotab increased fleet productivity

Premium Tracking

Geotab's solutions are propelling businesses forward, and transforming fleet management at an affordable price. Detailed engine data for all major motor, car, and truck manufacturers from Europe, North America, South America, and Asia are covered.

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Recording high-quality information and making it easy to set up driver coaching rules is what Geotab is all about. Manage safe driving policies, such as speeding and idling, by playing an audible alert or by utilising a Geotab Marketplace Add-On to coach the driver with spoken words. Immediate feedback can be used to encourage and improve safe driving behavior and overall fleet safety during all in-vehicle events.

Exceptionally Accurate Engine Diagnostics

The Geotab GO GPS vehicle tracking device is a world-leading fleet management solution. It's compatible with a range of vehicle types, including hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks.

Already have a telematics device? We've got you covered.

Using our Third-Party Device Plan, you can still leverage all that Geotab has to offer. Integrate your device with Geotab software and start using MyGeotab today! Click here for more details on plan features, including supported data types. click here.



A Rugged & Reliable GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

GO RUGGED is a telematics device designed especially for harsh conditions and external installation. Packed with the same advanced GPS technology as the original Geotab GO device, GO RUGGED has the additional benefit of meeting the IP67 standard (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water).



Reliable Driver ID with NFC Technology

The IOX-NFC READER integrates Near Field Communication with the Geotab GO device, allowing for driver based vehicle monitoring. This unique expandability helps you know which driver is in which vehicle at all times. Rules and reports can be created with the accumulated driver data to better manage your driving habits. IOX easily plugs in to the GO device to extend it's peripherals in your vehicle. Useful driver key tags can be assigned to each driver by creating Driver ID Whitelists for specific GO devices. Drivers can be quickly added or removed from the Whitelists by using Geotab's SDK.

Geotab dynamic fleet scaling

Customised and scaled to meet your fleet needs, today and tomorrow.

The Geotab GO device is more intelligent than you could possibly imagine. Rest easy knowing that as your business grows, so too can your fleet management solution.