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How to Setup Email Notification

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Notifications are used to email users in real time whenever a rule is broken and an exception is generated. Through this video, learn how to setup email notifications using an existing or custom template for after hours usage, accidents, low battery, check engine light, or any other events of high-importance.


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  1. I am trying to set up idle alerts for one of the vehicles in my fleet, however I do not have access to the “rules” option. Mines says “exceptions” instead. Please assist, thank you.

    • Hi Anthony – That has to do with the security clearance assigned to you through your user profile. You would need to get in touch with your administrator and have them adjust it.

  2. On my new android the email notification icon goes away as soon as I enter gmail, even of I don t read the new email. is there anyway to stop this and keep the email notification icon around until the email is actually read??

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