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Cost control strategies using telematics

Need to cut fleet costs? Join fleet expert Robin Kinsey as she details how to achieve considerable savings in our video series.

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Don’t leave money on the table

Operating a fleet has never been harder. Increasing insurance, fuel and labor costs along with ongoing parts and vehicle shortages can cut significantly into profits.


Luckily, companies can make a significant dent in these costs by implementing a telematics solution. By optimizing the use of telematics in just one area — safety — fleets have paid for the telematics solution in savings in under a year. This educational series will provide strategies for reducing fleet costs in the four most costly areas - fuel, safety-related, maintenance, and productivity.

Watch our video to learn:

  • How to mitigate the far reaching impacts of driver habits on the bottom line
  • Essential strategies for reducing both fuel spend and theft
  • Best practices for cost-savings-based maintenance strategies
  • The best steps to reduce driver downtime and optimizing vehicle utilization

Watch the video

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