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The EVSA gives us a lot of good data to inform our strategy and ultimately simplify what was a relatively complex situation we are navigating.

Chris Haffenreffer, Vice President of Strategy Development, Enterprise Holdings

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What can an EVSA tell me?

Range assurance

Use real-world data to determine which vehicles currently on the market meet your fleet’s daily driving needs.

Financial analysis

Establish a vehicle’s total cost of ownership, including savings from reduced maintenance and fuel savings, to discover how EVs can improve your fleet’s bottom line.

Environmental impact

Gauge the environmental benefits of going electric by calculating the avoided CO2 emissions and fossil fuel reduction.

Take the guesswork out of fleet electrification with real-world data

The EVSA combines Geotab’s real-world data with EPA and WLTP ratings to create strong E V procurement recommendations, based on current and upcoming EV models.

Transform your fleet with ease

Once you have added EVs to your fleet, Geotab’s platform gives you the data insights you need to operate them efficiently alongside your ICE vehicles.

Go electric with the push of a button

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