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Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets.

The Geotab solution has greatly impacted our business expenses by making our fleet more efficient. Knowing where and how our technicians are driving has benefited us greatly in terms of safety and accountability, such as speeding, idling, harsh cornering and braking.

Fleet Manager, Frontier Technologies

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Why use Geotab telematics solutions?

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Daryn Rabb

Health and Safety Manager, The Musket Transport Ltd.

We are using the driver scorecard feature to track and trace all of the driver’s behavior. As a result, it is having a direct effect on speeding, harsh braking and cornering events. Every driver that we have spoken to has been able to improve this behavior in subsequent reports.

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Dave Butcher

Safety Specialist at D&H Transportation

The Geotab GO device gives us a lot of maintenance data on the trucks. This includes diagnostic faults that the onboard computer will throw so our mechanic can look at them here in the office. We can then determine if it’s important enough to bring the driver back in or if it can wait until they get back from their run.

A global leader in IoT and connected vehicles

Our flexible fleet management solutions are customized to meet your needs and can help you improve safety and compliance, enhance efficiency and productivity, and meet sustainability targets.

Fleet Management

Manage all your fleet vehicles — trucks, trailers vans, cars and EVs — from one end-to-end platform. Capture all fleet data to generate powerful reports that enable quicker, better-informed decisions on maintenance, fuel economy, asset utilization and other key fleet metrics.


Improve productivity, efficiency, safety and more with asset tracking, driver coaching, dispatching and routing solutions.
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Fleet Optimization

Get data-driven insights to optimize every aspect of your fleet from fuel management, to fleet maintenance and fleet benchmarking.
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Driver Coaching and Safety

Use real-time tracking, dash cams and alerts to keep your drivers and others on the road safe.


Lower your carbon emissions with the Green Fleet Dashboard, assess vehicles for EV conversion and right-size your fleet.
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Strengthen DOT compliance, safety and more with Geotab certified ELD solutions. Geotab's compliance management solution consists of DOT compliance - Electronic Logging Device (ELD), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

How customers are using Geotab

Cutting costs and increasing safety

Telecommunications fleet has used Geotab for 15 years for its simplicity, accuracy and ease of use.

Leveraging data accuracy to make large scale investment decisions with confidence

A massive electric vehicle suitability assessment (EVSA) of over 91,000 vehicles uncovered an opportunity to replace 13% of vehicles with EVs and potential savings of $33 million over four years.

Accuracy, efficiency and credibility from routing to billing and everything in between

Using Geotab GO helped this aggregate transportation fleet improve overall efficiency and accuracy of invoicing, and enhanced credibility with customers.

Capture rich data from fleet trucks, vans, cars — and EVs

Monitor vehicle health with engine diagnostics, deliver in-vehicle coaching to drivers and get collision notifications with the easy-to-install Geotab GO vehicle tracking device.
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Eliminate doubt and second-guessing with dash cams

Protect your fleet and reduce risk with fleet cameras. Connect up to five cameras to get a high-resolution, 360 degree view of trips, driver behavior, collisions and other incidents inside and outside the vehicle.

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Geotab provides a world-class experience for customers through end-to-end support, ideation and expertise. A 360-degree ecosystem for your growth and success.