Easily track your vehicles and cut costs

Use real-time data to measure fleet performance. Over 1.3 million vehicles are using the Geotab platform to:

Locate vehicles in real-time
Reduce fuel costs by tracking usage trends
Increase asset utilization
Track and reduce unsafe driving events
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Transforming fleet management

The Geotab telematics platform displays data on fuel usage, engine diagnostics, driver behavior, and more to make optimizing your fleet easier than ever.

Additional features include:

Premium tracking at affordable rates

Our solutions are pushing businesses forward and transforming the industry, all at a lower price point

In-vehicle driver coaching

Coaching and improving drivers can increase overall fleet safety and reduce insurance costs

Predictive diagnostics

Use big data to predict emerging vehicle issues before they become serious


Optimize your fleet today

Top 5 features for informed decision making

Take your fleet to the next level

Use high quality vehicle and driver data to take the guesswork out of managing your fleet.

Fast, accurate GPS acquisition

Simply plug the Geotab GO device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and it will begin tracking as soon as you begin driving

On-the-go fleet management

Use the MyGeotab app to manage your fleets from your smartphone or tablet (available on Android 4.1 or later and iOS 8.0 or later)

Security first

Geotab is committed to continuously improving our data security mechanisms and keeping your data secured and private.

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