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In the Driver’s Seat: Accelerating ROI Through Trusted Data Insights
State of Commercial Transportation

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Rich data and insights from connected vehicles are helping create safer, more sustainable means of transportation, and allowing businesses to be more productive. The second, now global, State of Commercial Transportation Report shares key trends from 2023, and provides a look ahead for the transportation industry in 2024. Findings are based on Geotab’s expertise and insight from over 4 million connected commercial vehicles across the globe and over 75 billion data points processed on a daily basis.

What you will learn:

  • Global Vehicle Acquisition Trend — Find out what types of vehicles were dominating purchases among fleets in 2023.
  • Safety — How well are Geotab safety features reducing collision risk? 
  • Productivity and Optimization — How are businesses balancing the cost tightrope?
  • Sustainability — How are small steps generating big changes, and what is the status of EV adoption?
  • Forecast on 2024 commercial transportation and mobility trends.
  • Is AI helping to build trust? – Understand the critical role that AI and data intelligence play in the commercial transportation sector today.

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