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Intelligent fleet and operational insights for smarter decisions and bigger customer smiles.

Technicians now spend less time behind the wheel than before and more time on the job site… Geotab has put us ahead of our competition

Brian Santarcangelo, VP Technology Solutions, MasTec AT

Boost your star rating

Boost your star rating

The right person, the right place, the right time

Arrive on time

Combine location intelligence and routing tools with integrated traffic data for better routes. Also, last-minute jobs are easier with rerouting and better communication tools.

Enhance customer communication

Engage with your customers with real-time notifications on arrival, departure and delays.

Do it right

Empower your people in the field with the right tools, like a mobile forms app to capture and access data on site, to get the job done well – and get your brand noticed.

Kelly Mack

Operations Manager 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Toronto

5/5 stars

Any business that wants to provide great customer service, be on time, dispatch effectively, ensure employee accountability and vehicle accountability would greatly benefit from having telematics in their vehicles.

Nick Johnson

Fleet Manager, Synergy Courier Services Ltd

Communication between Synergy and our customers has greatly improved, thanks to our ability to give them accurate time frames. Geotab has tightened up our fleet operations, allowing me to identify drivers who need to improve and vehicles that need to be repaired.

Increase profits per technician

Each one of your people can improve your bottom line. Orkin pest control reduced idle time by up to 87% per branch. Frontier Technologies cut speeding events by a third per technician and lowered maintenance costs by over $325 per vehicle.

More appointments, less waste, lower insurance -- it all adds up to savings.

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Safety and reputation are your brand

Your brand is your business. If you’re safe, our roads — and your brand — are also safe. Get the tools to support and promote better driving habits with all your drivers:

• Driver safety scorecards
• Risk and safety reports
• Cameras and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
• In-vehicle driver coaching solution
• Accident reconstruction tool

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