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The Allocation of Space in U.S. Cities

If you divided up a city, how much green space would each resident get? Geotab has analyzed map data to measure three key land uses and to show the different population densities.

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  1. Atlanta Georgia Atlanta Green Space 1,023 sq ft Roads 1,151 sq ft Buildings 1,183 sq ft
  2. Dallas Texas Dallas Green Space 870 sq ft Roads 1,191 sq ft Buildings 1,367 sq ft
  3. Portland Oregon Portland Green Space 856 sq ft Roads 1,149 sq ft Buildings 1,105 sq ft
  4. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Green Space 592 sq ft Roads 495 sq ft Buildings 542 sq ft
  5. Milwaukee Wisconsin Milwaukee Green Space 426 sq ft Roads 861 sq ft Buildings 1,135 sq ft
  6. Los Angeles California Los Angeles Green Space 423 sq ft Roads 785 sq ft Buildings 1,081 sq ft
  7. Seattle Washington Seattle Green Space 360 sq ft Roads 717 sq ft Buildings 896 sq ft
  8. Baltimore Maryland Baltimore Green Space 335 sq ft Roads 659 sq ft Buildings 765 sq ft
  9. New Orleans Louisiana New Orleans Green Space 264 sq ft Roads 1,453 sq ft Buildings 1,412 sq ft
  10. San Francisco California San Francisco Green Space 224 sq ft Roads 326 sq ft Buildings 474 sq ft
  11. Chicago Illinois Chicago Green Space 189 sq ft Roads 540 sq ft Buildings 789 sq ft
  12. Denver Colorado Denver Green Space 170 sq ft Roads 963 sq ft Buildings 1,229 sq ft
  13. Boston Massachusetts Boston Green Space 168 sq ft Roads 370 sq ft Buildings 440 sq ft
  14. Miami Florida Miami Green Space 166 sq ft Roads 517 sq ft Buildings 606 sq ft
  15. New York New York New York Green Space 146 sq ft Roads 247 sq ft Buildings 311 sq ft
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