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We were excited to host GEOTAB MOBILITY CONNECT 2018 - Geotab’s first European Conference, in Barcelona, Spain on November 27, 2018.

Geotab, in collaboration with Fleet Europe, presented a special, half-day event exploring new opportunities and challenges in the fleet industry. The attendees discovered how vehicles data impacts businesses and society, the key to enable mobility services and how electric vehicles are changing our lives. We heart C-level speakers share insights on big data, electric vehicles, data privacy, digital disruption and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Highlights and Latest News

Geotab Connect 2019 Recap
Key Takeaways from the Conference

The future of mobility is connected and electric. Read the official event summary with top takeaways from the keynote speakers.

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Geotab Connect 2019 Recap
The New Rent-a-Car

Rental car companies are taking the lead in the new connected vehicle marketplace. Ivan Lequerica discusses telematics use cases for the rental car industry.

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Geotab Connect 2019 Recap
Trends in Global Fleet Management

With the global IoT fleet management market expected to grow by almost $17 billion in the next seven years, it’s safe to say that telematics has gone global.

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