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Passenger transport software and fleet management solutions

Take complete control of your fleet operations and provide excellent passenger service with help from Geotab telematics.

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What can Geotab do for your bus and passenger fleet?

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Safer passengers

Proactively manage fleet maintenance to keep vehicles running smoothly while monitoring driver behaviour to promote safer driving.

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs

Improve fuel efficiency by gaining visibility into fuel usage trends, engine performance data and wasteful driver behaviour through passenger transport software.

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Increased vehicle uptime

Real-time monitoring of vehicle engine data and fault codes eases the transition from reactive to proactive maintenance.

“We believe that we are making a relevant contribution to higher air quality while simultaneously reducing our drivers’ stress levels and increasing profitability.”


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Peter Hecker | Senior Telematics Specialist at DB Regio Straße

Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Actively control fuel usage and improve eco-driving performance to reduce fuel consumption and associated climate and health-impacting exhaust emissions. Then accurately measure your progress towards your sustainability commitments. Get the insights you need to reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions and to plan for an EV fleet transition, improving local air quality . 

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Improve the productivity of your passenger transport fleet

Geotab’s fleet maintenance software provides your maintenance team with real time access to the vehicles’ diagnostic faults and critical engine data. This enables your workshop to prioritise repairs and resolve minor issues before they become larger and more expensive. It also helps them to reduce vehicle downtime and prevent expensive and unnecessary breakdowns that would otherwise impact productivity and service quality. 

Make your drivers safer and happier

Provide your drivers with real time feedback on aggressive or stressed driving behaviour, in order to increase their safety and that of your passengers and the community. Reduce fuel and energy consumption, and maintenance costs with less vehicle wear and tear, due to your drivers’ new relaxed driving style. 

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Increase fleet efficiency to provide an optimal passenger transport service

When your business is transporting passengers, the safety, optimisation and maintenance of your fleet is paramount. Geotab’s fleet management solutions provide you with real time, actionable insights to keep your vehicles in peak condition and your business running smoothly. The result is an exceptional passenger experience with timely and reliable operations, increasing your likelihood of repeat business.

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The Geotab advantage

  • Improve fleet safety and collision support for drivers and reduce insurance premiums with active insights from integrated dash cam solutions
  • Reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance costs with a predictive maintenance programme informed by error codes and critical engine data
  • Give your passengers a smoother, safer experience with real-time driver feedback on stressed behaviour
  • Enhance driver performance by enabling friendly competition, based on safe driving performance criteria
  • Ensure easy compliance with working and driving time regulations with our remote tachograph download solution
  • Provide excellent customer service with real time visibility across your entire fleet, including live data on vehicle condition and route adherence to improve on-time performance
  • Reduce fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by actively monitoring idling rates and fuel usage and economy in the Green Fleet Dashboard
  • Get support on your electrification journey with accurate insights on the energy consumption, charging activity and state of charge of your electric vehicles
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Frequently asked questions

Geotab's passenger transport software helps your business in four core areas. Your drivers benefit from real-time training and support to improve their skills and make them safer. Your passengers benefit from a more reliable and smoother service, increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Your company benefits from reduced operational costs and greater oversight and control. And your fleet can meet its sustainability objectives with active insights to help you reduce fleet fuel consumption and make the transition to electric. 

Geotab’s fleet management platform MyGeotab is robust, safe and scalable, with advanced security features that enable it to be certified against rigorous encryption, authentication and compliance standards. It is compatible with over 9,000 internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and hundreds of electric vehicles. We also operate an agnostic data model, meaning we work directly with OEMs, ensuring maximum compatibility for mixed fleets. 


Advanced diagnostics and curve logic data science intelligently gather real time vehicle data for continued enhancements and features. Geotab’s patented curve logging algorithm increases the accuracy of vehicle data logging to enable fleets to operate with greater efficiency, and our continued innovation in AI models drive actionable insights that allow operators to maximise vehicle uptime.

Geotab is passionate about supporting its customers to reduce their environmental and social impacts. Our passenger transport software allows bus and coach operators to reduce their fuel consumption through economic driving by giving you access to real-time insights on fuel usage and efficiency. Route optimisation can reduce total mileage, and driver training can actively reduce both noise and air pollution by instilling an optimised driving style that reduces engine noise and exhaust emissions. The dashboards and reports in MyGeotab then make it easy for you to report on your progress towards your fleet’s sustainability goals.

Geotab also supports the most models of electric vehicles on the market and will support your transition to electric with insights into charging activity, energy usage and state of charge.   

Make your fleet safer, smoother, greener and leaner!

Discover how our web-based software and vehicle telematics can help you take complete control of your passenger transport fleet and prepare it for the future.

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