Actemium electric vehicle parked in an EV charging lot

Actemium makes a case for EVs and improves driver safety with MyGeotab

Published on March 2, 2020

Actemium electric vehicle parked in an EV charging lot

Actemium UK have been providing engineering design, project management, installation and maintenance services in the United Kingdom since 1907 (originally branded Lee Beesley).


Actemium is the VINCI Energies network of businesses 100% dedicated to industry. The global network comprises 20,000 engineers & technicians within 350 local business units across 40 countries worldwide. In the UK Actemium has 7 business units with an annual turnover of circa £30 million.


Specialising in electric vehicle charging solutions (design, install & maintain) and industrial LV electrical projects, Actemium in Coventry has a fleet of 11 vehicles in use daily. Given the nature of the business, the team have already begun their fleet transition with an increased bias towards electric.


To support the justification for transition, the business needed to demonstrate that an electric fleet would reduce emissions, save money by reducing the total cost of ownership of vehicles and be BiK tax efficient for individuals where applicable.  In addition the business has a very proactive attitude towards Health & Safety and wanted to monitor company vehicles but most importantly understand and affect employee driving habits.


Actemium, Coventry’s Challenge: To find a telematics solution that could:

  • Provide clear evidence that electric vehicles have a positive impact to the business in terms of money as well as the environment.
  • Affect driver behaviour to improve safety, reduce emissions, reduce speeding, reduce harsh acceleration & cornering.
  • Demonstrate improved fuel efficiency.
  • Enable the business to make informed decisions using real-time data.

The business unit had only partially succeeded with this objective before, why was that?


Business Unit General Manager, Nick Chambers explains: “We had another telematics solution installed in our vehicles many years ago.  Eventually, we removed it as essentially it was a tracking solution, one which only gave us a vehicle’s location. That solution failed to evolve and therefore was compromising the desire to obtain in depth data and influence driver behaviour.”


Why Geotab works for Actemium:

  • Flexible and customisable reporting providing the data of real interest to the business.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring helps to identify those in need of coaching.
  • The Driver Challenge Marketplace solution encourages engagement and rewards safe & considerate driving.
  • Receipt of detailed engine data including vehicle battery voltage and emissions.
  • GPS fleet tracking helps to locate vehicles in near real-time.

The Solution: Real-time driver reporting

Actemium, Coventry diligently investigated the telematics and fleet management software market. After piloting alternative solutions they chose Geotab predominantly due to the amount of data that was accessible, as well as the confidence in customer service offered by his authorised Geotab Reseller.


Geotab's Fleet collision management system allows Actemium to see how their drivers behave behind the wheel in real-time.  Whether sat at a desk or on the go, the business can monitor vehicle usage and the level of emissions, as well as drivers speeding, seat belt usage, braking habits and cornering/acceleration forces. The insight gained from this data enabled the business to identify drivers of higher risk than others and helped to develop performance benchmarks based on daily, weekly or monthly reports.

The Results: Safer & more efficient drivers with reduced business costs

Although it has only been a few months since Actemium, Coventry implemented the Geotab system Solution across 100% of its vans/company car fleet, there are already tangible positive results.


As expected, there was some initial resistance from some drivers (not all) at first, but the business worked hard to win everyone over.  Most importantly, the Business Unit General Manager ensured his own company car was included.  Adopting this “we are in this together” attitude allowed all drivers to see the manager’s driving performance and demonstrated that he could be self-critical and wasn’t perfect either.


EV charging report in MyGeotab


Encourage safe and efficient driving and engagement with the Driver Challenge App


Secondly, the business put their drivers’ competitive nature to good effect.  Actemium downloaded The Driver Challenge from the Geotab Marketplace and challenged employees to prove they were the best driver in the fleet.  Drivers are scored and compared on KPIs set by the BUGM and then trends analysed quickly to see where improvements could be made.  At the end of each quarter, the app reveals the top drivers, awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  The Gold medal winner is then presented with a £50 Amazon voucher.  At the end of Q4 2019 the overall Gold medal winner for the year has been promised a £150 Amazon voucher with the title “Driver of the Year”.


Incentivising employees to improve their driving with a little friendly competition seems an obvious step. It is also self-funding because the overall savings made in fuel alone more than covers the reward scheme implemented.


Outstanding customer service


Throughout the implementation process, Actemium’s Authorised Geotab Reseller was very responsive, offering excellent customer service and assistance to the business in ironing out issues as quickly as possible.


As Actemium, Coventry are still in the early stages of their Geotab journey, it’s too soon for them to confirm the long-term benefits.  Although nearing the end of the 2nd quarter of use, a significant improvement in driver behaviour and a reduction in vehicle emissions with lower fuel costs is evident. More and more data is also available as the understanding of the system develops.

Next Steps: Showcasing Geotab and transitioning to electric vehicles

Going forward, the Actemium, Coventry Business Unit intends to share the success achieved with Geotab with other Actemium Business Units in the UK (7).  It is hoped this can be a catalyst for them to begin their own fleet transition journey and help to reduce the overall emissions of Actemium UK.


Ultimately, Actemium Coventry want to be able to say:

  • “We want to see the tangible benefits of transitioning from ICE to BEV/PHEV”
  • “We want to be able to evidence the improvements”
  • “We want to be able to stand proud and say - This is what we achieved”

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