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Fleet vehicle tracking device for commercial vehicles

Drive your fleet into the future with our next generation of innovative vehicle tracking devices.
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Built to support your fleet now and into the future

Welcome to the most powerful GO device ever. The Geotab GO9 is redesigned from the ground up, featuring a 32-bit processor, more memory, more RAM and a gyroscope. The GO9 allows you to lead your fleet into the future with expanded capacity for further native vehicle support, improved fuel usage support, electric vehicles and global expansion.

Geotab GO9 vehicle tracking device features

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Accurate fleet GPS vehicle tracking

Collect rich, accurate data on vehicle location, speed, trip distance and time, engine idling and more. Even if your vehicle is parked indoors and underground, our fleet GPS vehicle tracking and telematics starts recording as soon as you begin driving. The GO9 introduces the new Global Navigation Satellite System module (GNSS) for faster latch times and enhanced location data accuracy.

A dark blue engine icon with a bright blue magnifying glass icon over top

Vehicle health assessments

The GO9 delivers valuable information for both EVs and conventional vehicles such as engine health and battery state of charge. Record vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer, engine faults, seatbelt use and more.This data not only helps prioritise fleet maintenance, but also helps audit vehicle use to identify both safe and risky driving habits to improve driver coaching.

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Collision detection and notification

Geotab offers exceptional harsh-event data (acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.) and collision reconstruction through our patented algorithms and the GO device’s accelerometer. Collision alerts keep you in the know and provide a detailed summary of events. Detection of a suspected accident will prompt the automatic upload of detailed data from the device to allow for forensic reconstruction of the event. With the additional use of fleet dash cams, companies can leverage real-time HD footage for insurance claims in the event of a collision. 

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End-to-end cybersecurity

The Geotab platform security provides end-to-end data protection. Security methods include authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification for Geotab GO vehicle telematics devices and network interfaces. Each Geotab GO device uses a unique ID and non-static security key, making it difficult to fake a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify that updates come from a trusted source.
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Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching

Improve driving habits with real-time, in-vehicle feedback. Set up rules to reduce unwanted driving behaviours like speeding, idling, or not wearing a seat belt. Advance driver safety further by playing an audible alert or coach the driver with spoken words through Geotab GO TALK (available as an Add-On). Immediate feedback can enhance fleet safety, reinforce company policy and encourage your drivers to take immediate corrective action.

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Advanced data capture

Vehicles equipped with our vehicle tracking device send data from a multitude of sources, including the engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster and other subsystems. Utilising multiple internal networks, the GO9 captures much of this data.

Simple installation

The Geotab GO9 is a small vehicle tracking device that simply plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD II port; or via an adapter for those vehicles without. No antenna or wire-splicing required. The device auto-calibrates and installation process is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any special tools, or the assistance of a professional installer.
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Already have a telematics device or platform? We still have you covered.

Geotab’s Platform Partner Program allows anyone to benefit from all that Geotab has to offer. Combine Geotab’s hardware and telematics APIs with your platform, or bring your own device and leverage the power of the MyGeotab fleet management platform.
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Industry-leading secure communication

We work with industry associations, universities, and authorities to advance cybersecurity in the telematics industry. We incorporate the best of what they learn and validate their implementation through rigorous third-party penetration testing. We then share these proven best practices throughout our industry.
  • End-to-end security using authentication
  • Encryption
  • Message integrity verification
  • Individualised devices with unique ID
  • Non-static security keys
  • Digitally-signed firmware
  • Independent third-party expert validation

IOX expansion: powerful Add-Ons to future-proof your fleet

The Geotab online fleet management platform can be extended even further, at any time, to provide added flexibility and fleet software integration with third-party providers. Choose any Add-Ons that suit your needs, such as satellite tracking, driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, camera systems, and more.

A closeup view of the IOX port on the side of the Geotab GO device, surrounding by Marketplace partner icons

Vehicle tracking device resources

Vehicle tracking covers the management of fleet efficiency, costs, safety and compliance, through the use of connected vehicle technology like a telematics device. Expand your knowledge on vehicle tracking solutions, how real-time tracking works.

GO RUGGED telematics device

GO9 RUGGED: Rugged and reliable GPS tracking device

Harsh conditions or external installation are no match for GO9 RUGGED. Geotab’s ruggedised vehicle tracking devices are designed for fleets with heavy equipment, yellow iron, farm machinery, powered trailers and assets. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO, with the added benefit of being IP68 and IP69K rated (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact and water).

Geotab hardware solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Commonly asked questions about our vehicle tracking device

The Geotab GO device is a small vehicle tracking device that plugs easily into a vehicle’s OBD II port, no antenna or wire-splicing required. Adapters are available for those without an OBD II port and no special tools or professional installers are needed.

As soon as you begin to drive, the GO fleet tracking device starts recording rich data on vehicle location, speed, engine idling, distance and much more, with end-to-end security. The latest iteration features a 32-bit processor, more memory and a gyroscope.
Partnering with Geotab for vehicle tracking is a great business decision for many reasons. Geotab offers accurate tracking, easy-to-use dashboard reports, flexibility and expandability, and power of choice with a wide range of solutions from the Geotab Marketplace.

One of Geotab’s founding mottos is this: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

By capturing accurate data on key fleet metrics, from fuel usage, to driving behaviour to engine health, you can spot inefficiencies in your operation and create effective strategies for improvement that can lead to significant cost savings. 

For more information, visit our fleet optimisation page and check out our latest success stories.

Geotab GO devices are compatible with all vehicles. This includes passenger vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs), heavy-duty vehicles, farm machinery, construction, powered trailers, HGV fleets, company car fleets and much more. Request your personalised demo.

A vehicle tracking system takes the data from the vehicle tracking device and enables you to view detailed, real-time data on your fleet. All of this data can be accessed remotely from a single platform. 

Vehicle tracking enables fleets to understand vehicle location and other fleet activities. For Geotab, fleet tracking includes other areas that are vital for fleet management, such as fleet compliance, vehicle emissions, driver safety and vehicle health.

Yes. The Geotab GO device is an industry leading, expandable telematics device. With its ability to use GPS fleet tracking, vehicle locations can be viewed in near real-time along with a complete trip history. Our patented algorithms provide detailed and accurate information to help support your fleet now and into the future.

Yes, the GO device enables you to track and monitor your vehicles in real-time. 

GPS vehicle tracking is a great asset for your connected fleet. It allows you to collect vehicle data as the GPS and internal sensors record how and where the vehicle is moving. Let our state-of-the-art fleet management software analyse this data and help you make informed and reliable decisions about your fleet.

Installing the Geotab GO device is simple, and no antenna or wire-splicing is required.The GO device is easily installed into a vehicle’s OBD II port.

Install the Geotab GO device into your vehicle's OBD II port or connect using an adapter. As soon as you begin to drive, the GO device starts recording rich data on vehicle location, speed, engine idling, distance and much more. The Geotab GO9 features a 32-bit processor, more memory and a gyroscope.

The key features of Geotab’s fleet tracking solution include: 

  • real-time GPS asset tracking; 
  • optimised asset utilisation; 
  • asset health monitoring and many more.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system composed of satellites, monitoring stations and receivers used to transmit global location data. GPS, or vehicle tracking, is used in devices such as cell phones and onboard navigation systems to help track location and provide directions for getting from A to B.

GPS tracking provides many benefits, including: 

  • Accurate vehicle tracking 
  • Vehicle condition assessments 
  • Collision detection and notification 
  • Secure data 
  • Driver communication 
  • Advanced data capture 

A fleet tracker is a telematics device that works to pull actionable data from the vehicle’s on-board system. It works in conjunction with telematics fleet management software to compile and present data from the vehicle and provide actionable insights. 

The Geotab GO device features: 

  • On-board Wi-Fi hotspot 
  • Collision detection and notification 
  • Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching 
  • Compact, durable design 
  • Over-the-air updates 
  • Engine and battery health assessments 
  • LTE connectivity 
  • Device expandibility through IOX technology 
  • Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer and gyroscope 
  • Near-real-time vehicle data 
  • End-to-end cybersecurity 

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