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New Changes to the Geotab EUA 2023

Last updated on December 12, 2023 in Fleet Management by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

Overview: For the first time since 2018, Geotab® is pleased to release an updated and refreshed version of our End User Agreement (the “EUA”), effective as of December 1, 2023.

Generally speaking, the EUA serves several purposes, including (among other things): 

  1. Set expectations: To clearly establish what you can expect from Geotab and what we expect from you when using the Geotab solution.
  2. Describe permitted uses and restrictions: To describe the permitted uses of, and restrictions on, your use of the Geotab solution. 
  3. Warranties and indemnities: To set out Geotab's product warranty along with industry-leading protection in the event that an intellectual property infringement claim is made against you in connection with your use of the Geotab solution.  
  4. Explain data handling procedures: To explain how Geotab handles data, both the fleet data you use to track your fleet and the aggregated data we use for things like fleet benchmarking and other new offerings.

Broadly speaking, the revisions to the EUA are the result of our ongoing effort to ensure transparency in our business operations, to improve the clarity and comprehensibility of the terms and conditions applicable to our products and services, to align those terms with industry standards, and to ensure that they reflect the evolving nature of our products and services. In addition, any time we revise the EUA, an important goal is to ensure that we are reviewing and implementing feedback from our partners and end users with a view to making the EUA more transparent, easier to understand and friendlier to the end user. 


Key changes


We understand that legal documents can be overwhelming. With that in mind, please rest assured that these revisions are designed to be as simple as possible. We have summarised the key changes made to the EUA below:

  1. Plain language: We have revised the EUA language to make it more accessible and easier to understand, ensuring that you can navigate our terms with confidence.
  2. API terms. To the extent you use Geotab's APIs, our API Terms of Service have been incorporated by reference into the EUA for ease of reference.
  3. Beta firmware. Certain additional terms that appeared in MyAdmin if a user opted to make use of a beta, or otherwise non-stable, firmware channel have been incorporated into the EUA to ensure that those affected by those terms will see them. 
  4. Wireless terms. The addendum previously containing various terms specific to third-party provided wireless services has been eliminated entirely. Certain terms previously included in the addendum have been incorporated into the EUA directly for ease of use. 
  5. Device removal. To help us comply with existing and emerging laws, we have added a new requirement for users to remove devices at Geotab's request if such removal is required by applicable law or regulation.
  6. Fleet data. We have considerably revised how we define data we process through our solution for added clarity, to be more transparent about how Geotab processes that data and to ensure that these terms reflect the evolving nature of our products and services. 
  7. Installation warning. The installation warning has been removed entirely. Users are instead strongly encouraged to review Geotab's installation documentation, which contains important safety information relating to the installation of our products.

On and after 1 December 2023 you will be required to acknowledge the new version of the EUA the first time you access the MyGeotab portal. If you have any questions about the new EUA, please contact our legal team at 


If you wish to review the new End User Agreement, please visit the following link on or after December 1, 2023: EN Geotab End User License Agreement [PUBLIC].  

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Geotab Team

Geotab Team

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