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Fleet fuel management

Lower your costs and optimize fleet productivity with our accurate fleet fuel management software system.

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Fuel management

Monitor and control your fleet performance and fuel consumption. Set rules and alerts to improve routing and manage speeding and idling time. Use reports and driver training tools to develop fuel-efficient driving behaviors.

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Fuel gauge tap-in harness

Fuel harness tapping on to the fuel gauge to provide access to fuel-level data on vehicles. This works well on commercial vehicles that do not provide fuel-level data through the diagnostic ports. Enhanced operational efficiency with insights on fuel usage and fuel level of the fleets. Refer here for the list of supported vehicle models.

View detailed fuel economy and idling reports

Access dashboard reports to monitor fleet fuel consumption and idling. Track total miles driven using vehicle odometer readings. Know your CO2 emissions with the Green Fleet Dashboard. Gain insights from fleet benchmarking metrics. All of this and more is easily accessed with our fleet fuel management software system. 

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Manage driver behaviour

Aggressive driving such as excessive speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking and cornering and tailgating can affect a driver’s fuel efficiency. With the right training, you can provide your drivers with the tools they need to drive as cleanly and safely as possible.

Deliver real-time driver feedback

Avoid fuel-wasting driving habits such as speeding and harsh acceleration with live, in-vehicle verbal feedback and buzzer alerts.

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Take on more and spend less

Achieve peak fuel efficiency with proactive fleet maintenance reminders and driver vehicle inspection checklists for tire pressure and more.

How does a fleet fuel management system help?

By connecting to the Geotab platform, you have visibility into trends on fuel usage and fill-ups, plus access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance. Integrate your fuel cards to monitor transactions by fuel type and state right from MyGeotab. Set rules and notifications to proactively manage speeding and idling. Track these key fuel metrics:
  • Fuel consumption (fuel used and fuel used when idling)
  • Fuel economy (the actual MPG)
  • Fuel level
  • True idling
  • Engine faults, such as faulty oxygen sensor
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Fleet fuel management solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Fuel management software solutions coupled with Geotab data allow fleets to assess optimal vehicle use and cost savings.

Commonly asked questions about fleet fuel management

Fleet fuel management software gives you greater control over the way your drivers use and purchase fuel, helps you to identify events that are causing unnecessary fuel usage, such as excessive idling or even fuel theft, and ultimately enables you to reduce the cost of running your fleet through active management and increased fuel efficiency. 

Fleet fuel management consists of:
•  Monitoring driver behaviors that can have a negative effect on fuel efficiency, such as harsh speeding, acceleration and braking, and excessive idling.
• Gaining greater control of where and when fuel is purchased 
• Optimizing preventative maintenance schedules 
• Utilizing vehicle diagnostics data to practice proactive maintenance 
• Rightsizing vehicles to their correct duty cycles 
• Preventing fuel fraud by monitoring for excessive fuel usage patterns 

Fleets that utilize fuel management systems benefit from increased operational efficiency and environmental performance, and reduced fuel costs.

By using a fleet telematics system with fuel management capabilities, you can take control of your fuel usage and significantly reduce costs. Fleet fuel management reduces fuel costs by increasing fuel efficiency. This involves:

• Proactively mitigating the misuse of resources and cutting unnecessary fuel costs through measuring, tracking and reporting on inefficient driving habits or the breaking of company policies
• Implementing a preventative and proactive maintenance program that keeps vehicles running optimally in order to reduce excessive fuel consumption
• Controlling where and when fuel is purchased and drivers fill up, whether that’s at your depot or with fuel cards
Geotab’s fuel management system provides visibility into trends on fuel usage and fill-ups, plus access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance. It can be used to track key fuel metrics such as:

• Fuel consumption (fuel used and fuel used when idling)
• Fuel economy (the actual MPG)
• Fuel level
• True idling
• Engine faults, such as faulty oxygen sensor that reduce fuel efficiency
Fuel commonly accounts for between a quarter and a third of a fleet’s operating costs, so it is a vital element to gain control over.

Fuel management solutions, coupled with Geotab data, allow fleets to improve fuel efficiency in order to maximize cost savings. With a fuel management system in place, you can decrease wasted fuel, put a hold on stolen fuel cards, approve or decline fuel transactions and prevent abuse of resources.

With MyGeotab you can easily monitor trends in fuel economy and other related metrics in one central location, right-size your fleet and improve fuel efficiency by maximizing usage, finding shorter routes and advising drivers on the best places to stop for fuel.
Fleets can determine optimal vehicle use and cost savings using fuel management tools. You can reduce wasted fuel, put a hold on stolen fuel cards, accept or refuse gasoline transactions and prevent resource abuse with a system in place.

You may also use one central site to simply compute fuel economy and other related metrics, right-size your fleet and enhance fuel efficiency by maximising usage, locate shorter routes and advise drivers on the best areas to stop for fuel.
A fuel card, sometimes known as a fleet card, is a payment card that is often used at gas stations to pay for gasoline, diesel, and other fuels. At the option of the fleet owner or manager, fleet cards can also be used to pay for vehicle maintenance and expenses. The majority of gas cards are charge cards.
The convenient and thorough reporting that comes with using fleet cards allows fleet managers to obtain real-time reports and set purchasing limits. This allows them to remain on top of all business-related spending.

To learn more about how Geotab can integrate your fleet’s fuel cards into your fleet fuel management solution, Request a Demo today.
The fleet fuel management software provides real-time feedback to the driver, immediately displaying related reports. The result is a direct increase in performance. The fuel management software is designed to reduce fleet costs by actively managing fuel consumption and optimizing overall efficiency. To learn more, visit our Fleet Fuel Management page.
Fleet management improves fuel efficiency by proactively preventing the misuse of resources and reducing unnecessary fuel costs through the measurement, monitoring and reporting of poor driving habits or breaches of company policy.

Geotab works with different industries and continues to expand in order to offer more support. 

Some of these industries include: 
Food and beverage
Police and first responders
Heavy truck and transport
Waste and recycling
Winter operations
Oil, gas and mining
Courier and delivery 

For a complete list of the industries we work with today, please visit our Industries page.

Ready to reduce fleet fuel costs?

Geotab has what you need to manage fuel efficiency, productivity, safety and much more. Explore our fleet fuel management options today.
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