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Software Packages

Compare features and choose your desired plan.



The Base plan offers GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, and basic IOX support.



The Pro plan offers the functionality of the Base plan and adds support for engine and accelerometer data.



The ProPlus plan offers the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking, a lifetime warranty, and premium services including EV data.

GPS location


Driver ID

Basic IOX support

All Base features plus

Engine data

Accelerometer data

All Pro features

Active Tracking

Lifetime warranty

Advanced IOX support

EV Support

Plan Comparisons





Instant GPS tracking using patented curve based algorithms for optimal recording
Highly flexible Rules and exception engine — customizable and editable
Driver congregation reporting
Locating closest vehicle by address
Driver ID via NFC
Message and send routes to drivers with compatible Garmin PNDs

Fleet Optimization

Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by time or distance
Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by mileage or engine hours
Fuel Management Platform — Track fuel ups, fuel drain, fuel theft, fuel card integration, etc.
Engine status data for all major engine protocols (fuel usage/voltage/coolant/temp.)
Easy device installation with Self-Calibrating Accelerometer
Record and interpret fault data (J1939, 1708, OBD, CAN)
Geotab Roadside Add-In for complimentary towing, locksmith, battery boost, fuel delivery, flat tire change, & more.***


Device tampering detection
DVIR compliance via Geotab Drive (Android/iOS)
Driver Application (Geotab Drive) scalable for future needs
IFTA miles recording
HOS compliance via Geotab Drive (Android/iOS) and Garmin
Personal Mode


Basic driver coaching -- Audible alerts and notifications for speeding, idling, and driver identification
Advanced driver coaching -- Audible alerts and notifications for harsh braking, sharp cornering, over-acceleration, seat belt use, vehicle in reverse, over-revving, etc. plus basic driver coaching and customizable server-side rules and exceptions


Web-based software reporting platform (SaaS) capable of supporting unlimited vehicles and users
Support of multiple map types
Rich reporting functionality — editable, customizable, trends, etc.
Customizable dashboards
Flexible user access control
MyGeotab access via Android and iOS
SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use
Access partner Add-Ons and solutions through Geotab Marketplace
Basic IOX Add-On (IOX-GOTALK, IOX-AUXM, IOX-BUZZ, IOX-NFCREADERA, etc.) integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices
Advanced IOX Add-On integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices (IOX-BT, IOX-USB, IOX-CAN, and Add-Ons for substance spreader controllers IOX-RS232M/F/D)
Active Tracking — premium quality tracking solution that delivers location information with higher frequency and precision
EV driving energy used
EV battery charge % (SOC)
EV charging status
EV charging energy
Limited lifetime device warranty

*Certain features may experience delays on the Base and Pro plans due to data, network, or processing limitations.

**Some Base plan features may be limited due to lack of support for engine status data.

***Light-duty vehicles,USA and Canada only, with fleet-wide utilization of the ProPlus plan. Other conditions apply.

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