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Geotab was ranked the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research and continues to be recognized for our innovative fleet tracking technology and solutions. Whether you have one vehicle or 1000, we have the fleet management solutions to suit your needs.

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Commonly asked questions

Geotab is the world’s #1 commercial telematics provider. We connect vehicles to the internet and provide web-based analytics to help organizations manage their fleets. Our solutions help improve business operations in six areas. They include, productivity, fleet optimization, sustainability, safety, expandability and compliance.
Geotab offers a variety of solutions for fleets of all sizes and industries from fuel management, driver coaching, routing and dispatching, and much more.

With Geotab’s fleet tracking solution, receive insights that will lead your fleet into the future. With features such as GPS fleet tracking and in-vehicle coaching, improve efficiency and maximize your fleet’s profit. To learn more about the advantages, visit the Vehicle Tracking Device page.

Geotab works with a large number of industries, including: Construction, Courier and delivery, Utilities, Oil, gas and mining, Food and beverage, and Waste and recycling. View the full list of our industry-specific offerings. Is your industry not listed? Reach out for a chat and we’ll be happy to show you the vast capabilities of our solutions.
GPS fleet tracking enables fleets to understand vehicle location and other fleet activities. For Geotab, fleet tracking includes much more than “dots on a map” and also includes many other focus areas such as driver safety, fleet compliance, vehicle emissions and vehicle health. To learn more, visit our Asset Tracking Solution page.
A fleet tracking system enables you to view detailed, real-time data on your vehicles. All of this data can be accessed remotely from a single platform. To learn more about Geotab’s fleet management software, visit our MyGeotab page.

There are many benefits to using fleet GPS tracking, including helping increase safety, improve customer service, streamlining vehicle maintenance and reducing downtime, strengthening fleet compliance and increasing efficiency. Discover how companies are using fleet tracking to improve business operations on our success stories page.

The Geotab GO device is an industry leading, expandable telematics device. With its ability to use GPS fleet tracking, vehicle locations can be viewed in near real-time along with a complete trips history. Our patented algorithms provide detailed and accurate information to help support your fleet management.

The Geotab GO device is a compact vehicle tracking device that plugs easily into a vehicle’s OBD II port with no additional mandatory antennas or wire-splicing required. Adapters are available for vehicles without an OBD II port and no special tools are required. As soon as you begin to drive, the GO device starts recording rich data on vehicle location, speed, engine idling, distance and much more, with end-to-end security. The latest iteration features a 32-bit processor, more memory and a gyroscope.
Geotab offers four software packages. Base, Pro and ProPlus packages offer increasing levels of functionality and are available worldwide. The Regulatory package is geared towards the U.S. and Canada and adds HOS and IFTA functionality on top of the Base plan. For a full description of each plan, visit our Software Packages page.

As the #1 commercial fleet telematics provider worldwide, Geotab serves businesses and public sector organizations of all sizes across the globe. Geotab’s secure open-platform technology gives you complete visibility over your vehicles’ movements, engine health, fuel usage and more. With this critical business intelligence, you can make data-driven decisions to improve a wide range of business operations. You also get access to over 200 third-party Add-Ons from Geotab’s Marketplace. Geotab puts data security first. For more information, visit our Security Center.

Telematics is a method of monitoring cars, trucks, heavy-duty equipment and other assets by using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD) to plot the asset’s movements on a computerized map. Also known as fleet tracking or GPS vehicle tracking, telematics is now an essential management tool for any commercial and public sector fleet.

Telematics devices are designed to retrieve data generated by the vehicle, like GPS position, speed, engine light information, engine faults and fuel usage. MyGeotab retrieves additional data for electric vehicles on real-time charge levels, charging locations and durations, and battery state of health, enabling fleet managers to effectively manage their EVs and compare their performance directly against the conventionally fueled vehicles in the fleet. The telematics device sends the data up to the cloud, and it is then available for viewing and analysis in a fleet management platform.

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