See real-time location of assets

Monitor your valuable fleet assets when they’re on the road and off with GPS tracking. Locate and recover equipment. Ruggedized design and long battery life are suited for outdoor use and harsh weather. Solar asset trackers are also available.

Asset tracking information on MyGeotab interface
Exemption window on MyGeotab interface

Understand asset utilization

Get deeper insight into how your assets are being used. Report on true asset utilization, dwell time, yard movements and yard entry and exit times. Integration with Geotab means that you can follow trends on asset usage and location directly from MyGeotab.

Monitor asset conditions

Easily monitor the status and condition of your assets remotely. Set up immediate alerts for entering or exiting a geofenced zone, temperature and light change, impact, and other thresholds.

Engine data profile asset tracker graph showing temperature warning

Cut maintenance costs with dynamic asset tracking

Are you over-spending on trailer maintenance? Learn how dynamic asset tracking can be used to pick the best time for trailer maintenance and reduce overall fleet costs.

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White trailers lined up side by side outside of a warehouse
White GPS icons connected by a white dotted line on a green background

GPS asset tracking solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Easily track trailers, containers, generators and other moveable assets. Solutions include battery-powered, solar-powered, and bluetooth trackers.

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