Public Works solution

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The government fleet management solution

Geotab Public Works helps government agencies manage vehicles such as salt spreaders, snow plows, street sweepers, and waste management vehicles. It helps ensure all infrastructure is serviced adequately while controlling costs, tracking material usage and more.

Key features

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Performance optimization

Drive smarter. Utilize performance data outputs to manage your operation.

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Fleet management

Track vehicles in real time. Improve routing and help reduce costs with preventative maintenance.

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Compliance adherence

Ensure your public works fleet is in-line with maintenance standards, policies and procedures.

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Material management

Avoid overusing materials. Manage the rates of application of salt, brine and other materials to help control costs.

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IOX expansion

Take advantage of added flexibility and integration. Extend the Geotab platform further with third-party providers. Select Add-Ons such as cameras, light bars, sirens and more.

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Mapping and spatial outputs

Utilize client-based mapping to know which roads have been serviced using interactive maps and geospatial reporting. Track live level of service compliance.

Government industries

Winter operations

Stay ready for the elements. Easily manage and obtain real-time reporting on salt usage. Optimize your winter fleet operations today.

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Orange snow plow clearing snow on the road.
Green and white garbage truck lifting a bin

Government industries

Waste management

Seamlessly track idling trends, reduce fuel costs and maximize fleet efficiency. Reinforce policy and procedures. Ensure your routes are serviced accordingly.

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The Geotab advantage

  • One solution for all government vehicles
  • Mapping and geospatial reporting
  • Replay roadway incidents
  • Automated reporting for regulatory compliance and billing
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Active tracking
  • 511 public information system integration
  • Open SDK for integration
  • Route completion outputs
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Product brochure

Geotab Public Works

Available exclusively on the ProPlus Public Works rate plan, the Geotab Public Works solution includes the Public Works software Add-In, accessed through the MyGeotab platform, the GO9 device, 10X Controller Gateway, IOX-IO10X, and 10X Input/output cable.

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Ready to optimize your fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to manage your public works fleet.