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Eyes On The Road event hosted by Geotab outside under a gazebo.

Corporate social responsibility

Powering meaningful change through innovation.

We understand that community counts, which is why we choose to lead by example

Geotab has—since its inception—abided by the adage, "Always do the right thing." As such, Geotab encourages and supports community involvement through a wide range of company-sponsored programs and initiatives. These efforts have been designed to positively impact our communities by working to create a better place for everyone to live.

STEM: Educating for the future

Geotab is dedicated to contributing to the burgeoning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) job market. In addition to developing programs that are geared toward the development of STEM skills - such as the free Geotab Research and Development Program for undergrad students, graduate students and faculty - we also hire students for summer internships.
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Internship program

Geotab brings in hundreds of co-op students each year in a variety of departments and creates an opportunity for interns to work on interesting projects and partner with senior Geotab mentors.
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Geotab sponsors and attends events that pertain to youth and/or women in STEM in order to encourage more young people in general to pursue a career in a STEM field.
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Mentorship program

Mentors participate from different internal teams at Geotab to attend events in the community and give guidance on what a career in STEM can look like
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Women in STEM

Geotab works with the community to organize and attend events that encourage women to pursue an education and career in STEM.
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Continuing education

Our tuition assistance program encourages employees to pursue continuing education in order to enhance their skills and advance their professional capacity, which in turn allows for growth within the company.
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Torque Labs

An internal accelerator focused on empowering early stage businesses and innovative ideas that can leverage the Geotab platform.

Safety: Continuously advancing technology to create safer roads

At Geotab, we strongly believe in the power that technology has to create positive change, especially in the areas of driver safety. However, we also want to call attention to the importance of being aware while using technology, in particular when walking and driving.
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Public awareness

Geotab promotes safety for both drivers and pedestrians through its Responsibility on Both Sides of the Wheel initiative. This initiative encourages pedestrians and drivers to put their #PhonesDownEyesUp and focus on the road.
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Organization memberships

Geotab is a member of Together for Safer Roads and Vision Zero. These safety organizations bring companies together while utilizing their unique assets in order to advance best practices and create a world where roads are safer for all people.
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Educational programs

Education is critical to support change. Geotab presents at local high schools to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and walking.

Environment: For a better tomorrow, today

Geotab understands what is at stake with the current global challenges of today. We take a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility and actively work on minimizing the environmental impact our operations have. Our advanced telematics technology and solutions make it possible for businesses to minimize their environmental footprint, by helping them reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, optimize routing, reduce idling and aggressive driving, and maintain optimal vehicle engine performance.
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Employee initiatives

Geotab employees participate in environmental clean up initiatives in their local communities, as well as engage in sustainable office practices such as utilizing reusable notebooks and water bottles. The GO Green Team at Geotab is committed to help educate and support staff on their sustainability journey.
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Electric vehicle advocate

Our offices are equipped with EV charging stations to promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles. Furthermore, Geotab has rolled out an EV Incentive Program to subsidize the cost of electric vehicles, bikes and mopeds for our employees.
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Recycling program

We’re committed to producing as little waste as possible. This means using recyclable/compostable promotional products, recycling all the electronic components used in our daily production, and reusing any packing materials delivered to our offices. Learn more about the GO Recycling Program.
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Commuter benefits / Work from home

We believe in getting our employees to work with the smallest carbon footprint possible. As such, we offer 100% reimbursement for employee transit costs. Additionally, Geotab supports and encourages a hybrid work-from-home program to help support a greener future.

Community: Leading by example

At Geotab, we understand that community counts. Each of our locations have the unique opportunity to participate in volunteering with local charities.

Some organizations we’ve worked with include:

• Safety net
• United Way Halton
• Feed America
• Boys and Girls Club of Nevada
• Local blood drives
• One4Another
• Make A Miracle
• Three Square
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