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School bus fleet management

Promote safety, cost-savings and compliance with Geotab’s telematics for student transportation.

Prioritize rider safety and expense reduction

Drive smarter and safer operations with detailed bus insights shared directly to fleet operators and transportation directors. Lower expenditures and risk by monitoring vehicle activity, maintenance schedules and other critical fleet data.

Key features for school bus fleet management

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Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs)

Prevent missing or inaccurate logs and save time when completing required vehicle inspections with digital DVIRs. Thorough electronic DVIRs help increase transparency by proactively making transportation directors aware of any vehicle issues.

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Preventative maintenance data

Maximize vehicle lifespans and keep your buses on the road with usage reports, maintenance data and diagnostic fault monitoring. Tracking bus maintenance schedules individually helps you optimize costs and extend vehicle longevity.

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Electrification insights

Identify prime opportunities in your school bus fleet to go electric with key metrics on fuel consumption, EV battery ranges and CO2 emissions. Work toward meeting sustainability goals and save money by prioritizing sustainable driving practices and fleet electrification preparations.

Discover the additional value of fleet maintenance software for school bus fleets

With an exhaustive picture of vehicle status, alerts and maintenance schedules, give the right attention at exactly the right time to each of your buses. Explore our webpage to see more about how telematics data help support effective fleet maintenance by limiting vehicle downtime and costly expenses.

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Telematics tools to help protect students and drivers

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Driving behavior indicators

Track and report on unsafe driving practices like aggressive braking, excessive accelerations and speeding to promote safer student transportation. Analyze these insights and use them to provide customized coaching to your drivers.

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Accident reconstruction capabilities

In the event of a bus collision, study accident reconstruction metrics to provide additional driver coaching and better protect students. Collision data also helps you be better prepared to handle any possible litigation or insurance disputes.

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Better data with curve-based logic

Review accurate historical GPS data for optimal bus fleet performance using curve-based logic. This capability uses built-in reasoning to save relevant data points exclusively, so you gain a truly precise understanding of how your buses are moving.


Discover the value of Geotab’s curve-based logic algorithm

Geotab’s proprietary curve-based logic helps you acquire smarter data by using a patented algorithm to save only the most pertinent GPS data. Read this blog post from Geotab CEO Neil Cawse to learn more about how this capability works and its potential to enhance your team’s productivity, efficiency and fleet intelligence.

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Sustainability compliance with student transportation telematics software

Track and institute sustainability measures like fuel reduction, bus electrification and fleet rightsizing opportunities to adhere to environmental goals. Geotab’s telematics solution can help your department comply with initiatives like the California Air Resources Board’s Clean Truck Program.

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Drive toward safer and more cost-efficient bus operations

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