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Vehicles on roads connected through Geotab

Shared mobility solutions

Give your business the edge with critical vehicle insights and remote keyless car access to your shared fleet.

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Geotab innovations for shared mobility put your needs front and center, supporting every phase of your digital transformation journey.

Save time and money with a digital key-sharing solution. Drive growth with a secured and scalable telematics data platform to manage all of your connected vehicle data.

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Named the world's leading Commercial Telematics Vendor for the second year running by ABI Research, Geotab is a partner you can trust.

Key features

Keep an eye on assets

Offsite doesn’t have to mean out of sight. Gain greater visibility and control over vehicles while they’re on the road, with active tracking. Set collision alerts, help recover stolen vehicles, lock doors remotely, receive notifications when vehicles are returned and more.

Optimize vehicle health

Breathe easy knowing vehicles are in top condition when they leave the lot. Monitor overall vehicle health, from tire pressure to engine faults. And avoid expensive roadside breakdowns by setting proactive maintenance alerts, so you can address potential issues in advance.
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Simplify the journey

When keys are constantly changing hands, they wind up lost, stolen or locked in vehicles. Geotab Keyless offers a contactless experience, where physical keys are replaced by a digital solution for a seamless and secure transfer and more flexible operating hours.

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Gain an edge with telematics

Built on 20+ years of experience, Geotab’s telematics solution provides connected vehicle insights for empowered business decisions. More than just active tracking, our solutions provide data to manage your entire fleet, from regular vehicles to EVs. Gain a holistic view of your operation from one customizable platform.


Lose the keys for good

Scalable, reliable and secure digital key-sharing solution to securely grant and remotely manage access to your fleet vehicles. Handle installation in minutes with no wire-cutting, so set-up doesn’t take the vehicle out of rotation.

Geotab Keyless can be securely integrated with your own software, or you can leverage one of Geotab’s trusted best-in-class software reservation partners to take care of it for you.
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The Geotab advantage

Driven by a customer-first approach, Geotab leads the way in developing cutting-edge tools and innovative solutions, so you can have the latest technology at your fingertips.
  • Robust software ecosystem: Unparalleled partnership network of integrated software and hardware solutions for shared mobility.
  • App-based access to lock, unlock and locate vehicles
  • Starter-disable and inhibit-start functionality for improved fleet security
  • SDK and API for easy integration with your critical backend system
  • Robust data and reports to keep a vehicle inventory that meets the demands of your customers; and to strategically distribute underused vehicles to areas with higher demand.

Research report

Taking Charge: On the road to the EV future

Our latest research finds: 

  • 41% of light-duty vehicles can be economically electrified with average TCO savings of $15,900 per vehicle. 
  • 43% of medium-duty drive less than 200 miles per day — well within the capability of current EVs. 

Find out more about what fleet electrification can do for your organization in our study of 1.3 million connected vehicles.

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Geotab Keyless unlocks new benefits for car sharing and motorpools

Learn how the Geotab Keyless solution can optimize your shared or pooled fleet today.
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Commonly asked questions

Mobility vehicle fleet management enables providers of shared mobility services like ride sharing, vehicle sharing, and courier network services to monitor the safety, mechanical condition and location of their vehicles.
Geotab’s telematics solutions enable routing, dispatch, digital key-sharing and vehicle health monitoring via our in-vehicle GO devices and fleet management platform.
Car sharing companies often prioritize telematics functions like digital key-sharing and vehicle health monitoring for their owned assets. Ride sharing and courier delivery networks often prioritize location tracking of their driver-owned vehicles.
Geotab’s GO devices can be used to dispatch, route, and monitor most modern heavy transport vehicles, light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles like cars and SUVs. A comprehensive list of supported vehicles is provided on our “Is my vehicle supported?” page on our Community portal.
Geotab’s GO devices enable taxi and rideshare companies to ensure their drivers are practicing safe driving habits, and following pre-planned, optimized routes. Car share companies can monitor their vehicle health and locations. Network courier delivery companies dispatch deliveries, and their clients can monitor where their packages (such as meals or other products) are from source to destination.

Ready to meet the future of shared mobility?

Speak with our mobility experts. The best way to understand the power of the Geotab platform is to see it for yourself.
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