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Driver safety reporting

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Understand how drivers are doing and where coaching is needed with Geotab driver safety reporting.

Understand driver safety trends

Safety dashboard reports provide a quick overview of your fleet’s riskiest drivers and overall safety score. Report on key fleet metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, backing up, seat belt use and more.
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Set up safety alerts

With Geotab, you can create custom fleet rules and get an email or text message notification when violations occur. Get notified of possible collisions, so you can take the proper actions.

Advanced driver-assistance

Help your drivers recognize and avoid the risk of collision before it happens with advanced collision avoidance (ADAS). Ask about Geotab’s integrations for advanced collision avoidance systems.
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Do you know your cost of ignoring?

What you don’t know might be costing you. The costs related to vehicle collisions can add up. Tackle fleet safety head-on and invest in the well-being of your drivers with Geotab’s customizable driver safety reporting. Monitor these metrics and more:
  • Speeding over the posted speed limit
  • Harsh braking
  • Sharp cornering
  • Backing up while driving
  • After hours use of vehicle
  • Driving with no seat belt
See our solutions in action

Reporting solutions from the Geotab Marketplace

Get specialized reports. Track HOS violations, see your fuel economy, estimate potential fleet savings, and assess driver safety.

Driver safety tips and tools

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Top 3 fleet reports to improve driver safety

Uncover dangerous driving, speeding and more with these safety reporting tools.
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Curb the rising cost of collisions

Learn how a global leader in transportation and logistics uses telematics to reduce collisions and costs.

Commonly asked questions

Driver safety scorecards identify the most common traits in dangerous driving: aggressive driving, not using seat belts and speeding. They also identify symptoms of driver distraction such as hard braking and inconsistent speeds to compensate for traffic jams. Other reports provide information about collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or objects such as poles or overhead obstacles.
Safety reports provide essential information on driver behavior that could not otherwise be collected when vehicles are not being monitored on the road. They identify both positive and negative behaviors, so drivers can be rewarded or accompanied if needed.

Driver safety reports can identify speeding offenses, driving hours, seat belt use, sharp turns and hard braking.
Driver safety reports can help fleet managers identify careful drivers and drivers' attitudes to the company's vehicles, productivity and reputation. They can also be used for monitoring to identify areas for improvement.

Driving behaviors are important factors in vehicle maintenance planning, such as brake and tire replacement. They are important tools for minimizing accidents, vehicle downtime and ensuring driver safety.

Geotab offers: Driver safety scorecards that examine the following key points: 

  • Vehicle speed 
  • Seat belt use 
  • Use of the vehicle after working hours 
  • Aggressive driving behavior 

This data can be analyzed in relation to driving time or distance traveled. 


Driving hours violation alerts, which help fleet managers and vehicle operators identify drivers who violate their country's driving hours laws. Identifying these trends is extremely important because tired drivers have slower reaction times and may even fall asleep at the wheel. 


Mobileye collision reports (available free of charge on the Geotab Marketplace) that identify and warn drivers and fleet managers of route changes, potential collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, and stopping distances. This data is calculated in relation to the distance traveled by the vehicles.

Ready to increase fleet safety?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to improve fleet safety.
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