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Experience a new era of fleet management with your trusted AI assistant, Geotab Ace™

Geotab Ace transforms data interactions with intuitive AI for faster insights, reliable data protection and built-in simplicity for your whole team to use. 

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Demystify your data with Geotab Ace

Enter the world of Geotab Ace – your smart, intuitive AI assistant that cuts down the time to valuable insights by making complex datasets straightforward. 


Geotab Ace changes how you access and analyze fleet data using natural language. It simplifies data exploration, making it accessible for everyone on your team, not just data experts. With Geotab Ace, you're assured your fleet information remains secure and private – only you and Geotab Ace have access to your data – giving you peace of mind as you tap into the potential of generative AI to enhance your fleet operations.


Data intelligence and AI have been built into the fiber of Geotab for many years. You can rest assured that Geotab Ace has been designed based on our belief that AI must be deployed responsibly. 


To learn more, read  Geotab’s Generative AI Maturity whitepaper.

Explore the benefits of Geotab Ace for your fleet

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Uncompromised data protection

Your queries and fleet data stay confidential, only seen by Geotab, your Partner and you.

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Say goodbye to complexity

Get detailed analytics on trips, zones, EV data, and more.

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Quick data analysis

Quickly get the answers you need for agile adjustments to meeting present and future fleet requirements. 

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Accessible data intelligence for all

Geotab Ace demystifies data analysis, welcoming team members of all skill levels to explore data possibilities. 

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Insights with context

Discover the 'why' behind your data, providing contextual insights for informed decision-making.

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Real-world fleet expertise

Built on a foundation of extensive fleet knowledge so the analysis you receive is both accurate and reliable.

Accessible and on-demand analysis right in the MyGeotab platform

With Geotab Ace, you gain instant oversight of your fleet's performance, from fuel efficiency to maintenance, and beyond. Your data remains secure while Geotab Ace empowers you with the insights needed for safer, more efficient, and sustainable fleet management. Accessible directly within MyGeotab, you don’t need to toggle between applications or interfaces – Geotab Ace delivers the answers, making complex data analysis as simple as a conversation.

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Grounded in real-world fleet expertise for more accurate and dependable data insights

Geotab Ace has been trained to understand questions posed by real-world fleet professionals, offering insights that reflect everyday fleet operations.


Continually refined by Geotab’s data scientists, historical data and user interactions, Geotab Ace learns and evolves to meet the needs of existing and emerging fleet management requirements, enhancing its reliability and applicability. 

Blog post

Embrace trust and transparency in AI with Geotab Ace

See how Geotab Ace is setting a new standard in AI transparency. Geotab Ace not only provides insightful data for fleet management but also explains its analytical process, fostering trust and making complex information easy to understand and act on.

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Commonly asked questions about Geotab Ace

No, one of main benefits of using natural language models is it allows individuals with zero coding expertise to begin and analyze data through simple questions.

Globally and exclusively accessible to Geotab customers.  While initially tested in English, it may work with other language prompts, but there is no guarantee. 

The content of your question will be sent to the Azure OpenAI Service but not your underlying fleet data. Your fleet data will not leave the existing Geotab data warehousing environment.

In partnering with Microsoft, we leverage the advanced capabilities of Azure OpenAI services, backed by Microsoft's robust security and privacy framework to prioritize the protection and confidentiality of the questions you ask.

Ready for instant analysis for faster insights than ever before?

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