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ELD compliance solution

Improve safety and compliance today, with a better ELD solution.
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Effortless ELD solutions, certified in the U.S. and Canada

Geotab offers a broad range of certified ELD solutions for both the U.S. and Canada. Geotab’s ELD solutions include telematics hardware GO7, GO8, GO9 and GO9+, as well as its Geotab Drive mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.
electronic logging device software
eld compliance software, HOS

Simplified log management helps increase safety and compliance

Geotab helps you keep accurate logs with reminders for drivers to log in and log out, real-time availability and alerts for hours of service (HOS).

• Easily track and bulk-annotate unassigned logs
• Notify drivers that are low or out of hours
• Log in and log out reminders

Simplify driver vehicle inspections and vehicle diagnostics

Help drivers complete vehicle checks with workflows for pre-trip and post-trip inspections in the U.S. and Canada.

• Set up rules for real-time alerts when defects are found or inspections are missed
• Receive notifications for missed inspection and defects
• Attach pictures and comments to inspection reports
• Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is complete and a repair is needed
Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) software
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Gain peace of mind with Hours of Service (HOS) visibility

Geotab’s world-class, easy-to-use Hours of Services (HOS) and trip inspection solution for fleet managers and drivers helps fleets achieve a new level of safety. Set up detailed dashboard reports on driver logs, remaining hours and quickly manage unassigned logs. Receive:

• Detailed reports on driver logs and remaining hours
• HOS status at login
• A comprehensive view of availability and recaps

Key features

Cross border compliance

Supports over 100+ HOS rulesets and exemptions for the U.S. and Canada, including intrastate, short-haul, 16-hour workdays and agriculture.
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Driver ID

Easily track driver and vehicle usage. Monitor for unauthorized use of assets.
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Team driving

Supports co-drivers and team driving rulesets.
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Language support

English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language options.
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Simplified roadside Inspections

Send logs with a simple click with an alternative display mode for out of coverage use. PIN protection keeps your data private.
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Offline support for out of cellular coverage use

Syncs automatically when coverage is restored or connect our IOX-USB cable for offline ELD operation.
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Over-the-Air Updates

All updates are automatic. Any new firmware updates for new features, custom applications and maintenance are securely delivered wirelessly to the device.
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Easier log management

Annotate logs with a simple click and adjust availability calculations. Workflows to help drivers certify their logs and claim unassigned driving.
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Driver assistance

Alerts when you run out of hours or miss a vehicle inspection. Prompts to unassign your vehicle when you walk away. Warnings when interrupting shift and cycle resets.

Case study

ELD compliance and efficiency with Geotab Drive

By adopting electronic logs, a direct store delivery company improved inspections, vehicle maintenance and fleet transparency.

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Petrey Novelty vehicle

Integrate and customize your ELD solution

Get more value from your ELD with Geotab’s open APIs and Software Development Kit. Partner solutions include:

AI-powered dash cams

Cold chain temperature monitoring

Asset tracking for trailers, flatbeds and containers

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Fuel usage and mileage monitoring

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Engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance

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Integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and maintenance programs

Commonly asked questions

ELD compliance means complying with the eld mandate, or final ELD rule.
The ELD mandate, also referred to as the ELD Final Rule, is a United States federal government regulation. It states that commercial motor vehicle operators are required to use an electronic logging device, or ELD.
The ELD mandate is required because it is intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers. Additionally, it streamlines the ability to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data.
An ELD solution can help you fleet stay compliant with the ELD mandate.
ELD solutions eliminate the paperwork problem mainly by automatically tracking driving time, including duration and distance. An eld solution records data regarding the operation of the vehicle and driver activity such as driver hours of service (HOS) and record of duty status (RODS).
An ELD is an electronic logging device that is used by commercial motor vehicle drivers to automatically record drive time and Hours of Service (HOS) data. Additionally, ELDs can capture data on the vehicle engine, movement and miles driven.
An Electronic Logging Device is a piece of electronic hardware installed on a commercial motor vehicle engine to record driving hours. Commercial drivers regulate driving hours by a set of rules known as the hours of service in the United States.
An electronic logging device (ELD) plugs into a vehicle's onboard diagnostics (OBD) port to capture data on the vehicle's engine, location, speed, miles driven, and more.
The ELD rule requires and eld solution to be used by commercial drivers who are required to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS). ELDs must be certified and registered with FMCSA. All commercial bus and truck drivers are required to use an electronic logging device or ELD solution to keep record of compliance with the Hours of Services (HOS) rules.
Yes! Geotab ELD solutions ensure compliance for Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), and driver identification (Driver ID). Geotab's ELD solutions help fleets meet compliance regulations and our electronic logging solution is self-certified and registered with FMCSA.
ELD benefits include compliance regulations, productivity boost and driver safety and more. Contact Geotab to learn how an eld solution can benefit your business.
View the Geotab Drive - Compliance and Implementation Guide for information about the ELD mandates in both the USA and Canada, deployment and ongoing supervision. The Geotab Drive App Manual and Compliance Guide are also available on the Geotab Marketplace page.

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