Easier-to-use, versatile electronic logging device

Geotab ELD is a compliance solution for Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), and driver identification. With a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflow, this smart mobile app works with the Geotab GO telematics device to help fleets meet compliance regulations, boost productivity and driver safety. Geotab’s electronic logging solution is self-certified and registered with FMCSA.

Geotab Drive dashboard on white tablet and mobile phone
HOS availability dashboard in MyGeotab on white laptop

Strengthen ELD compliance

Compliance is easier than ever with Geotab. Minimize violations with our robust alert system, including in-app driver warnings and real-time alerts. Compliance managers can use the MyGeotab platform to easily track driver logs, violations and hours remaining.

Simplify vehicle inspections

Geotab ELD provides a complete end-to-end inspection workflow for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), pre-trip and post-trip. Record defects, who identified the defect and who repaired it. Automatically notify a mechanic when a repair is needed. Additional features include customized defects list and report printing right from MyGeotab.

DVIR dashboard in MyGeotab on white computer monitor
Optional Add-On

Track your trailers with Flex

Streamline asset management with the Flex solar powered asset tracker TT600 series from the Geotab Marketplace. Dynamically track trailers, containers, generators and other assets. View usage and location via the MyGeotab platform. This integrated solution is ideal for helping rightsize your fleet and cutting maintenance costs.

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Geotab Garmin bundle and accessories
Optional Add-On

Geotab Garmin® Bundle

A mobility management solution that combines convenience and durability.

The Geotab Garmin Bundle is a reliable and user-friendly fleet platform for tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS). The industrial-grade hardware and specialized truck maps and routing are optimal for long-haul commercial truck use. Learn more on the Geotab Marketplace.

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Compliance? We’ve got you covered.

Whether your fleet is on-road or off-road, Geotab has solutions to support your ELD compliance needs and beyond.