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Fleet compliance solutions

Simplify fleet and driver compliance to regulations with Geotab DOT compliance software. 

Easily manage federal DOT compliance for your fleet

These inspections are about more than just ticking boxes. DOT compliance is about bolstering safety, protecting profits, and streamlining operations for your fleet. Geotab is committed to helping you follow Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations, while avoiding violations. Navigate this ever-changing landscape with FMCSA compliance software that helps you adhere to Government requirements by:

  • Addressing ELD, DVIR, and HOS
  • Automating audits and processes
  • Keeping you FMCSA compliant
  • Improving CSA scores across the board
Geotab federal DOT compliance dashboard

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ELD compliance

Transportation compliance software makes compliance easier for you and your drivers. Our FMCSA-certified and DOT compliant electronic logging device (ELD) automates data collection and provides step-by-step workflows with pop-up reminders to minimize violations.  Dashboard reports on driver status and real-time alerts keep you in the know.

DVIR compliance - DOT Driver Compliance Software

Help drivers become compliant with Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) software right from their smartphone or tablet. Driver compliance management has never been easier.

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More than Compliance

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Compliance management, made easy

We’re designed for heavy fleets. With over 200 software and system integrations — including tailored add-ins for DOT compliance — trucking compliance software can help you manage compliance by streamlining and automating tasks for every driver and manager.  Monitor, assess, and align with regulations across a spectrum of systems. Take the hassle out of compliance with efficiency and simplicity.

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DOT & Transport Compliance

Easily address Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), DOT, and transport MTO rules with a robust solution for Canada and the U.S. Whether you're transporting goods across borders or managing a local fleet, our management software makes it intuitive to stay compliant while maintaining — or even enhancing — your CSA score.

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Easy driver compliance for enhanced safety

Prioritize fleet safety and compliance with ease. Our simplified dot driver management software helps drivers meet compliance requirements and reduce HOS, DVIR, and IFTA violations. Plus, an intuitive interface makes it easy for managers and drivers to improve compliance and safety through automated, real-time alerts and reporting tools.

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Maintain fleet compliance, increase ROI

Safety is important for the transportation industry, trucking companies, drivers, assets and the general public. But why compromise on ROI?


Our solution offers the best of both worlds, helping you maintain fleet compliance for both Transport Canada and DOT. Industry-leading reliability and minimal failure rates help provide fleets with value on every dollar spent.


Automated processes mean cost savings and increased efficiency. Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools keep your fleet ahead of the competition.

See what our customers are saying about our compliance solutions

5/5 stars

"The platform is easy to use and very driver friendly."

Jennifer Y., DOT Compliance Manager II


More than 10000 Employees

5/5 stars

"Our cmpany has been with 2 other ELD platforms, but GeoTab has been by far the best for the money."

Jeff M., VP, Safety


51 to 200 Employees

5/5 stars

"I love the IFTA, HOS logs, and maintenance logs as they are easy to use and understand."

Adam T., Equipment Coordinator

Mining and Metals

More than 10000 Employees

5/5 stars

"I like having the ability to see drivers in real time and reroute on the fly. IFTA reporting is also a key ingredient that makes Geotab helpful."

Tom H., Transportation Manager


501 to 1000 Employees

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Hours of Service - HOS compliance

Our HOS compliance software helps keep fleets safe while supporting cross-border compliance with hours of service regulations (hos regulations).  You can track all HOS reporting to reduce violations and automatically log hours service.

IFTA compliance

Streamline IFTA compliance with automated reporting from telematics. Track miles by state or province for each vehicle and get accurate entry and exit odometer readings.

Fleet compliance solution
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CARB compliance

CARB prohibits any changes to the CARB-approved OEM emissions controls system unless an exemption is granted. Geotab’s aftermarket telematics solution is the first and only compliant solution in California that provides a secure source of uninterrupted vehicle telematics data to help you achieve your sustainability, safety and productivity goals with confidence of total data continuity.

Compliance solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Fleet compliance blog resources

Fleet compliance is a vital part of your operation. The right tools can help you simplify the process with clear HOS visibility, cross-border solutions and easy vehicle inspections. Check out our resources.

Commonly asked fleet compliance questions

Fleet compliance is when fleets meet or exceed government regulations, particularly those set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). It includes: 


  • Electronic logging device mandate (ELD) compliance
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • Hours of Service (HOS). 


Fleet compliance affects millions of commercial drivers throughout North America.


The primary aim of fleet compliance is to promote safety, efficiency, and accountability in the operation of vehicles.

To maintain fleet compliance, regularly monitor and enforce adherence to local and federal regulations governing vehicle safety, emissions, and driver qualifications. Implement a robust tracking system to stay informed about vehicle maintenance schedules, inspections, and required documentation. Conduct regular training sessions for drivers to ensure awareness and adherence to compliance standards.

Your fleet should aim to be fully compliant with relevant regulations at all times. Keeping your fleet compliant with DOT and FMCSA rules is an ongoing effort. For instance, Hours of Service (HOS) is a crucial DOT regulation, with the final rule established in December 2011. 


The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, effective since December 2017, requires Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers to use ELDs to track their hours of service. Violating HOS rules or the ELD mandate can harm your carrier's safety score or even lead to being forced out of service. Stay vigilant to avoid these risks!

To ensure FMCSA compliance and avoid penalties, fleets should:


  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on FMCSA rules and changes.
  • Train Everyone: Ensure all team members understand and follow FMCSA rules through ongoing training.
  • Communicate Clearly: Encourage open discussions about compliance within the team.
  • Use Tools: Explore tools and partnerships for compliance management, like ELDs and software.
  • Keep Records: Maintain organized records of compliance activities, including driver logs and vehicle inspections.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Regularly check and fix vehicles to prevent issues and enhance safety.


By following these steps, fleets create a robust system that ensures compliance and minimizes the risk of penalties and operational problems.

A driver compliance software solution is designed to simplify fleet efforts in meeting regulatory compliance standards, like making sure drivers follow rules such as Hours of Service (HOS). It offers features that make compliance management more efficient for drivers. It helps with things like: real-time monitoring, reporting, and integrating electronic logging devices (ELDs) to comply with regulations from agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 


Geotab’s driver compliance software solution is user friendly and updates to keep current with regulatory standards.

Geotab helps you stay compliant effortlessly! With our fleet management solutions, you get real-time tracking for precise monitoring of your vehicles, ensuring you meet DOT regulations like Hours of Service (HOS). Geotab's platform also creates easy-to-understand reports on driver behavior, maintenance, and fuel use, making it a breeze to follow safety and operational standards. Plus, our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) simplifies regulatory requirements, making record-keeping a snap while reducing the risk of violations. Compliance made simple with Geotab!

To ensure DOT compliance for your fleet, focus on key requirements such as proper documentation, driver qualifications, vehicle safety, and adherence to regulations outlined by the Department of Transportation. Keep records of maintenance, inspections, and driver logs to demonstrate compliance during audits or inspections. Regularly review and update policies to stay informed about any changes in DOT regulations that may impact your fleet operations.

Streamline fleet compliance today

Learn more about how simple it is to use our web-based software and dot fleet management devices to improve fleet compliance

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